Scalable architecture to collect data from heterogeneous sources and elaborate semantics

Companies need platforms that combine the ability to gather, merge, consolidate, store and manage Big Data, structured and unstructured, with the ability to elaborate semantics, both explicit (extraction and annotation, natural language processing) and implicit (automatic learning, inference), turning information in “Smart Data”

Companies need “Big Data – Smart Data Analytics” projects, to transform data from disparate sources (business applications, social networks, web), using them through semantic processing. SDMP is a “smart platform” accessible via the web (cloud + Mobile Apps), Cloudera compliant and can be integrated into digital corporate ecosystems.

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Smart Data Management Platform, enables organizations to manage the complexity of data from heterogeneous sources, structured (DBMS, CMS, CRM, SCM, CMS, E-Commerce, ERP, File System) and unstructured (social media, online media, data & content providers, open data, third-party e-commerce), to harmonize and transform the data into information that leads to better and faster actions. It enables the complete integration of Big Data with a mix of algorithms of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), machine learning, contextual processing and knowledge representation.
The task for normalization “Sentiment Analysis” of SDMP, Smart Data Management Platform, allows having insight from the network for brands, products or services, more quickly and cheaply than traditional opinion polls.
With SDMP, Smart Data Management Platform, there are available several Apps as: Meta Search Engine Smart Web & data capture, Web Extractor, Article Extractor, Automatic News Extractor, Extractor CSV, Excel Extractor, Facebook Gatherer, SQL Extractor, Google+ Gatherer, Rss gatherer and other feed.


SDMP, Smart Data Management Platform, it is a simple tool easy to use for Big Data Analysis, suitable for companies from all sectors, that want to get information from corporate data and for data extracted from social networks/web.


SDMP, Smart Data Management Platform is a cloud-based semantic technology, which uses the Contextual Workflows, to allow modeling, acquisition, normalization and semantic analysis of data, transforming them into “Smart Data”, useful to activate Analytics and to support strategic decisions. It fits digital ecosystem of companies and gives control the variety of Big Data, for bringing valuable real-time information, ensuring high performance, compared to volume and speed.

SDMP, Smart Data Management Platform is based on Contextual Workflow, or on the composition of APP and services to capture, integrate, harmonize and analyze data, both structured and unstructured, in heterogeneous information sources in companies’ systems and available on the web. On top, platform products for specific business applications: data capture, Holistic Intelligence, Data Harmonization & Analytics.
It does not require specific “Big Data” professionals (data scientists, information architect), often not included in corporate teams. Thank to SMPD and his “smart” approach, it becomes extremely simple to take full advantage of data and gaining competitive advantage from network information.
The logical architecture of SDMP, Smart Data Management Platform, extremely flexible, is given by a series of App whose modular arrangement and parameters, define the way in which “Smart Data” are generated (for example, a sentiment analysis on Twitter is different on e-commerce websites).

There are different Apps like: Meta Search Engine, Smart Web & data capture, Web Extractor, Article Extractor, Automatic News Extractor, Extractor CSV, Excel Extractor, Facebook Gatherer, SQL Extractor, Google+ Gatherer, Rss Feed gatherer and others.

Reports can be created for the user or for analysis systems, already existing on other platforms.

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