To transform data from different sources, into useful information for business developing

The amount of data that companies can use to obtain information is very wide. Structured data, coming from enterprise applications, plus the potential of web and social networks. The systems of Big Data Analytics & Business Intelligence, play an important role for competitiveness and they are an indispensable instrument for taking better decisions, developing the business and allowing the business model to evolve.

Not all companies are able to take advantage of the opportunities offered by Big Data. For an effective use of the data it is required a high specialization in the tools and techniques composing the ecosystem of Big Data, which provides for the implementation and use of complex technology platforms.


Big Data | Analytics Tool | DMP

The commitment of the Division Big Data Gruppo SCAI, is to select the best instruments experimenting the newest technologies, to build a solid enterprise platform. Companies can thus quickly, acquire the best technological tools to take the opportunities offered by Big Data & Analytics.
Big Data platforms like Hadoop or Mongo DB, they provide flexibility and manageability. Data, modeled in enterprise data warehouses and master data management cluster, offer very useful schemes and they feed systems for analytics. The information derived therefrom, are useful to respond quickly and effectively to the increasingly rapid changes, intercepting and anticipating the real needs and demands of the market.
The experts of the Big Data Division at Gruppo SCAI, help companies in using Hadoop or other technology platforms enterprise level, to process / analyze complex data in distributed environments, to extract useful business information


Gruppo SCAI offering for Big Data & Analytics, it is suitable for all companies wishing to implement advanced technology platforms, to intercept data from disparate sources, in order to gain useful information to develop the business.


DMP Analytics Tool (Big Data – Data Management Platform) is the Big Data Analytics platform proposed by Gruppo SCAI. It is based on Hadoop platform, chosen by many companies that become the standard, leaning on logic network clusters, consisting of a large number of nodes (processing units and storage), which use very sophisticated mechanisms of parallel processing. With DMP Analytics Tool, businesses can create value by using extracted information from large amounts of heterogeneous data, structured and unstructured.

Not all companies have in-house expertise for Big Data & Analytics projects. The amount of information and their variety can be easily managed with the best platforms. Gruppo SCAI offers companies a Big Data platform, which allows quickly to acquire the best instruments for data analysis.
At Gruppo SCAI, we have chosen the best technologies and solutions for enterprise implementations, to provide data processing, distributed and reliable, scalable for large data sets and components, which guarantee safety, availability and easy integration. We assist companies in implementing Big Data & Analytics structures, offering the best platforms Big Data & Analytics, as DMP Analytics Tool, based on Hadoop.
At the end of the project we guarantee technical assistance and support for the implementation of Business Intelligence & Analytics high performance systems.

About Big Data | Analytics Tool | DMP

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