Capital market application solutions for finance banking

Banking institutions, whose core business the acquisition and sale of financial resources – mainly bonds – through the capital market, require tools for the management and verification of compliance.

The financial area in banks, require application solutions for managing different business processes: Capital Market and Structured Funding, Corporate Desk, Treasury Front / Middle Office , Risk Management, Derivatives Back Office, Securitisation.

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Banks, as operators seller side of the capital market, need application solutions that allow positions monitoring, Risk/Return Analysis of the investment portfolio, risk control and trade processing of contracts, along the entire life cycle including support to the management of the back office.
Banks, which offer to their corporate clients and affluent the possibility of negotiating cash and derivatives financial instruments, have the need for application solutions for management and compliance.
The finance area of banks, needs application solutions in “Financial Structuring” and “Funding” for the design, issuance and management of bonds.
Banks may have the need for application solutions, that support them in the process of securitization of receivables: financial management of loans issued, hedging transactions, representation and analysis of the cost of collection, performance of the junior notes.
The finance area of banks, need application solutions for the evaluation of financial instruments, including technical structured derivative forms: future cash flows, decomposition of structured operations (unbundling) and calculation of equilibrium rates (par rate), fair value and risk indicators.


The application solutions offered by Gruppo SCAI, developed starting from the platform owner DW + System, meet the needs of banking institutions in the finance sector. Application solutions based on the platform DW + System of Gruppo SCAI, are used daily by major bank institutions.


For banking, Gruppo SCAI realizes systems tailor-made that meet the application needs of the finance area based on DW + System, a modular platform consists of application solutions related to various areas: customer desk, front office treasury, structured funding, risk management, back office derivatives, landing, research department.

Engineers and consultants of Gruppo SCAI have extensive application experience and technical skills, allowing a rapid response to different needs. It is possible to integrate workgroups with Customer’s resources with the formula time and material, with turnkey projects, or outsourcing. The complete range of after-launch is to guarantee the solidity of the offering.

DW + PRM is the best solution for operators buyer side of the capital market, that are looking for a system that allows the monitoring of positions, the Risk / Return Analysis of the investment portfolio, risk control and trade processing of the contracts throughout the entire lifecycle, including support to the management of the back office.

DW + PRM, can also be used to support back-office functions.

DW + SRM is the solution for operators placed on the capital market as sellers of financial products under balanced trading.

DW + SRM is dedicated to banks, offering to its corporate clients and affluent the possibility of trading financial instruments and cash derivatives.

DW + SRM allows the management of the aspects of customer relationships and compliance with the regulations of transparency and investor protection, facilitating compliance with legislative fulfillments of MiFID. If necessary, DW + SRM can support the back office, if the system is not able to completely treat the accounting, settlement and reporting of the traded financial products.

DW + BI is a special solution for the areas of “Financial Structuring” and “Funding” for the design and administration in issuing of bonds.

DW + BI supports management of bond issues from a strictly financial profile, and functionally integrates with management systems and accounting, with the aim to systematize those activities handled informally on multiple systems or through personal productivity tools.

DW + BI has the ability to automate the process of market data and even to manage easily hypothetical market scenarios. DW + BI for Finance Bond Issuers is capable of treating any form of indexation providing the right mix of flexibility and power.

The versatility of the platform DW + System allows processing a particular type of portfolio: the securitization of receivables.
After creating the appropriate links with the management system of credits, DW+S Finance for Securitisations allows the financial management of issued loans, of the hedging transactions and the full representation of all the charges that are relevant to the analysis of the cost of collection and the performance of the junior notes.

DW + S allows you to easily import data from files FPML or Microsoft Excel, and export the results.

Price Wizard Library – PW Library for Pricing – consists of a library of functions that allows the evaluation of financial instruments, including whether it is technical forms derivative structured type.

With PW Library it becomes easier to evaluate the future cash flows, to decompose structured operations (unbundling) and to calculate for each component, the equilibrium rates (par rate), the fair value and risk indicators. All this in a flexible, fast and simple to use environment.

PW Library can optionally be combined with RW-MPS (Risk Wizard – Market Price System) if it is necessary to achieve automation in the recovery and processing of market data (indispensable for pricing) or for building an archive of historical series with statistical functions incorporated.