Communication is an activity of primary importance for any company. Strong changes under and new pressing needs of digital innovation, are pushing companies to review their strategy of web presence.

The majority of web access takes place on mobile devices as tablet and Smartphone, Mobile and Social Apps offer new channels of communication for companies. Therefore it is necessary a thorough review of the strategies of on-line and also off-line communication.

Focus On

Web Communication

Strong changes and the pressing needs of digital innovation are forcing companies to review their strategies of web presence. Most access is via mobile platforms (smartphones, tablets), Apps and the Social Networks offer new channels of communication. There must be a major revision of web communication strategies.
The communication over the web has become crucial for the development of new business and for making that each company may be perceived in the most correct and truthful way, from the outside world.
Communicating means designing online visibility, to promote by reaching the target, managing daily updates of corporate websites, social channels and stimulating the community.


We offer companies services of web communication concerning different technical and strategic aspects :

  • Analysis and consulting for an effective communication on the web
  • Communication and web projects
  • Communicating on the web, Online ADV, technology enablement, Off-Line
  • Web development services
  • We have gained a thorough understanding of our customers and we can build with our work method new benefits


  • In Gruppo SCAI we created the SCAI Digital Vision team, dedicated to develop and optimize many forms of digital communication that every day is crossing the screens of our PCs, tablets, smartphones, etc.
  • The team supports customers (companies of all sectors) in the many activities that need to take advantage of the Web as a technology or as a communication channel.


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