Companies need to adapt corporate information structures, to respond to the changes imposed by digitization. Some application solutions remain in the company, others are used as a service in the cloud or entrusted to outsourcers.

Innovation and integration in complex ICT environments: the system integration activities are crucial for the digital transformation of companies and involve technologies, systems, architectures, services, methods of use and transmission of information in different application contexts.

Focus On

System Integration

System integration: to manage increasingly complex ICT structures, for dealing with the challenges of digital revolution, companies need to integrate solutions, services, processes, technologies and systems, to make optimal use of data and information by creating value.
The skills required for system integration activities, are several: business process sector, enabling technologies, the digital innovation as cloud, mobile, Big Data, IoT. Technical expertise and business, are required to implement new features and application solutions, integrating new paradigms in existing architectures, new approaches and ways of sharing in the enterprise information systems, web and multi-channel, giving customers new products and innovative services.


Gruppo SCAI offers companies system integration services:

  • Digital innovation & transformation
  • Process analysis, technical and functional (assessment)
  • Design and implementation of solutions / web services
  • Integration into ICT / cloud
  • Supply service / outsourcing
  • Migration support
  • Change management, technical assistance, training
  • Design of new models of organization and business


  • System integration, innovation and integration in complex ICT environments: Gruppo SCAI offers companies instruments and technological expertise to deal with the digital revolution, in combination with a strong attention to methodology and project management, to ensure the highest quality of services.
  • Gruppo SCAI has been operating for more than forty years on different technologies, with companies from all sectors: the experience in the management of processes, infrastructure, systems, applications and technologies with tangible benefits. With strong experience in application contexts, relationships with the more established technology partners and attention to digital innovation, Gruppo SCAI is a reliable partner for system integration services