Companies need to react quickly to changes in an increasingly dynamic world and to face frequently process and technological transformations for business development. To implement the best application solutions and to adopt innovative technologies it is necessary a correct design approach.

A proper design approach and methodology allows to respond quickly to the needs of adaptation and digital innovation. The world of open source and distributed architectures, it is increasingly valued by companies
and it is frequently necessary to re-engineer applications on mainframe or other technology.

Focus On

ICT Projects

To offer new products and services to customers, companies need to redesign their processes and organization to develop application solutions, Mobile App and platforms, which allow quick access to innovation.
The technical intervention of a system integrator is required by companies to deal with digitization projects with innovative solutions and architectures.


Gruppo SCAI supports companies in the implementation of projects related to ICT systems and solutions:

  • Technical, functional and application Assessment
  • Definition of functional and technical requirements
  • Re-engineering of processes
  • Functional and Process Analysis
  • Application Analysis & Development
  • Design of architecture and technology tools
  • Testing and Commissioning
  • Assessment of changes of organization, processes, systems.


  • Gruppo SCAI offers all the necessary skills to deal with complex projects that may involve the redesign of the entire structure of systems, processes and applications, an extremely useful experience even for less ambitious projects.
  • Each project is carefully followed in all its phases: assessment, feasibility study, collecting user requirements, functional and technical analysis, development, testing and checking.
  • Gruppo SCAI offers in the analysis and design of software his Consultants with specific training on the most commonly used tools and techniques: Function Point Analysis, Constructive Cost Model, Unify Modeling Language, Unified Process, Agile Methodologies, Object Oriented paradigms, Analysis business processes, management requirements.
  • Gruppo SCAI takes care of Project Management with extreme care, adopting the best strategies. Techniques, methods and used tools, allow SCAI an optimal management of projects and make it possible to enhance the talent and professionalism of each component within the working groups in the different project phases.


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