Companies need the expertise of constantly updated professionals, that are capable to support them in the complex activities of system integration for digital innovation with applications and technology assets management.

The most valuable assets for companies are data, information and digital technologies, and ICT increase their value. The best choice to give a rapid response to technological changes is to rely on the advice of experienced professionals.

Focus On

ICT Consulting

To deal with the digital innovation, keeping efficient and upgrade information systems and application solutions, companies need to acquire technical skills, architectural competences, technologies and applications. It is also necessary to take action on the organization and over internal processes to develop the business.
Companies require ICT partners, which respond with flexibility, rapidity and efficiency to their needs. New skills to meet the challenges of digital innovation are constantly required, together with new technologies to integrate systems, processes, application solutions and services in a ICT dynamic market, increasingly complex and articulated.


Gruppo SCAI offers companies professional consulting services:

  • TECHNICAL & DIGITAL CONSULTING: architectures, platforms, Db, systems, digital innovation and web enabling, security and IP networks, functional and process analysis, programming, web communication and social media
  • BUSINESS CONSULTING: specialized consulting for different sectors and for the various functional areas of business companies
  • TECHNOLOGY CONSULTING: digital innovation, Big Data & Analytics, Mobile App, Internet of Things, Security and Data Management, graphometric signature and Advanced Electronic Signature (AdES), dematerialization, IP Networks, Enterprise Content Management, Smart City & Mobility, e-payments, e-commerce.


  • We help companies to improve the performance of ICT systems and application solutions, improving the ability to govern complexity with new SOA architectures and open systems, web service oriented. Our specialists work alongside the engineers and managers of business lines and functional areas of companies to respond effectively to the concrete needs.
  • Innovation, a driving force for development: consulting activity meets technical, architectural and application needs of business companies. It also covers aspects related to business processes and business development: assessment, security, networks, R&D, funding, competition, financial risks, multi-device.
  • From consulting to turnkey projects: technical, functional, organizational to address complex projects with customized solutions according to the customer’s needs, with special attention to processes, technologies and integration.


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