In the Energy & Utilities sector, the digital revolution is bringing a profound process innovation and in the ways to interact with the Customers

Companies in the Utilities & Energy industry (electricity, gas, water, garbage collection), operate in a sector in constant transformation. National and international authorities exert considerable pressure towards sustainability and integration with exchange of data and information between the various actors in the field, companies, customers and government agencies. It is necessary to focus on the levels and quality for the customers that require innovation and multi-channel digital services.

New technologies and digitization have a strong influence in a sector in which every day a large amount of data and information on consumption is generated.
This kind of information is a valuable asset.

Focus On

Utilities & Energy

The Energy & Utilities sector, characterized by strong dynamism, suffers the effects of fluctuations in commodity prices and strong pressure on environmental sustainability and regulatory compliance. The companies of the sector operate in highly competitive situations, resulting also in complying with European regulations that have imposed trade liberalization, which has brought more competition and erosion of sales margins.
The Energy & Utilities companies of the sector have to adopt new strategies, optimizing the entire value chain, by reviewing the entire procurement process and the distribution of services / products. Among the major points:

– Systems related to the so-called Internet of Things and the use of sensors, the paradigms of the smart grid and intelligent networks,

– Optimization in billing systems and in logistics supply and distribution,

– New offering for services, customer care and call centers (with possible use of big data analysis systems to efficiently use the large amount of available data for customized services),

– Strong attention to environmental sustainability and to achieve energy efficiency objectives, with the introduction of smart metering for savings measuring.

Why choose us?

Gruppo SCAI helps in reshaping strategies, by using cloud technologies, big data, mobile, social media, we offer to companies in the Energy & Utilities sector a concrete support and assistance to redesign strategies thanks to digital innovation: cloud, big data , Mobile App, social media, cyber security, Internet of Things (IoT), process digitization with sensors and graphometric signature.
Gruppo SCAI offers companies the Energy & Utilities sector, expertise in corporate financial risk management, in particular with regard to the financial aspects and the variability in the prices of commodities.
Gruppo SCAI offers companies in the Energy & Utilities sector, the needed skills and the technological and functional support, with the closest possible collaboration between Business and IT, to start business process transformation and take advantage of the benefits of the digital revolution in supply, production and sale processes.
Gruppo SCAI supports in the implementation of technological solutions and applications the companies in Utilities & Energy sector, by also offering technical support for optimal management of IT infrastructures.



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Gruppo SCAI at TOSM with SCAI TEAM

14 November 2014

Gruppo SCAI presents SCAI TEAM, division specialized in offering "Smart Mobility & Logistics" for Transport, Energy, Environment Mobility