The telecommunications sector, as a result of regulatory updates and new developments in technology, it is a constantly changing area.

The telecommunications field (equipment, handsets and services for both fixed and mobile networks) is subject to constant changes in technology and regulatory requirements, to ensure transparency and security in data management, technological innovation and new services for the Customers, that require more media functionality (video) and rich-experience.

Telecommunications: privacy and security of data and networks, are extremely important, and create ever growing challenges for operators. The telecommunications market is a mature one, where often the down pricing competitive and attention to cost containment prevail. The digital revolution however – cloud, mobility, big data, cyber security, IoT –  is changing the TLC sector offering new development opportunities.

Focus On


TLC operators are committed on one side to respond to Customer needs expanding the offered services, by enriching the customer experience (smart mobility & new media), also to fight against the competition, and on the other side they are committed to cut IT costs and to seek efficiency in back office operations.
In recent years the infrastructure of broadband have increased significantly. The availability of large volumes of data and the continuous interaction with many Customers in the communication and information era, can be an opportunity for operators of TLC to win the loyalty of Clients by offering customized services (eg. Content audio- video, event tickets, etc.).


For Telco companies the core business is the network, but they need even a good ICT system. They need to find partners who, like us, can offer expertise on both, and even the processes tuning. Analyzing the production factors (DWH systems efficiency, trend analysis) we can suggest the processes improvement, doing efficiency. Gruppo SCAI responds to the needs of the Telco companies -network & ICT – with a proven complete offering: expertise, services, solutions.

Gruppo SCAI, with SCAI Connect, is a center of excellence on cyber security and networking. We offer solutions & services for the management of infrastructure to Telco companies: IP Infrastructure Management, Professional Services, Design and development of IP networks, Network Security, Network and Security Management Services.

Il Gruppo SCAI have in-depth experiences of the typical functional areas of telco operators (billing, CRM, data collecting) and we contribute our skills.. We offer Telco companies even strategy consulting services.

We work alongside TLC operators (Telco) to support them in the adoption of new technologies to implement the digital revolution: M2M, biometrics, and IoT, for example with Graphometric Signature on smartphones and tablets for the digitization of contracts, Big Data Analysis and smart data, outsourcing and cloud, data security with encryption and data management, cyber security and networking.
Gruppo SCAI as a major system integrator is capable of supporting telecoms operators to deal with the digital revolution in a complex sector, with solutions based on SOA architectures, open source systems, network monitoring tools and integrated security systems.
The extensive experience in creating application solutions along with the functional knowledge in various fields, strong technological skills (big data, mobile app, IoT, biometrics, graphometric signature, M2M, smart objects), experience and expertise in the management of IP networks with the security of data and information through our certified specialists, all these elements make Gruppo SCAI a reliable and effective partner for TLC operators.



  • Il software di monitoraggio delle reti IP NeMo è utilizzato dai maggiori operatori delle telecomunicazioni, datacenter e da realtà attente alla connettività

Telecom Italy Sparkle has chosen SCAI Connect for IP networks monitoring

2 April 2015

The software monitoring tool for IP networks Ne.Mo. is used by major telecommunications operators, data center and companies that pay deep attention to connectivity