Digital transformation allows to create and develop the shopping experience, both in physical and digital ways.

In Retail sector there are several strategic factors such as the agility of the process, innovation and having strong technological competences. The digital revolution is having a epochal impact, and companies need to take the opportunities of this deep transformation. It is necessary to build customer loyalty and stand out in the market, maintaining identity between digital and traditional media, implementing winning business models, to offer services (online and offline) with high added value ensuring high quality to the Customers, which are increasingly demanding.

In both software and processes, to achieve success in Retail industry, it is necessary a strong evolutionary change with maximum collaboration between IT and Business.

Focus On

Retail & Fashion

For retail, distribution & fashion companies the need of Digital Transformation is very strong. The increase of the points of contact with the customers, very fast, has created the need for an integrated management of the customers experience, on the various digital channels (web, social network, mobile app), in the outlets and in the stores.
The retail, distribution & fashion companies must act on all the processes: production, logistics, security, payment and after-sales. The technology provides tools that allow you to decode the buying patterns, understand customer needs, devise new forms of involvement (fidelity card, promotions, prize operations, piggy back, etc.) to increase the store loyalty, provide more and more personalized services on different channels to increase the customer engadgment and their satisfaction.
In the Retail & Fashion Business, Intelligence & Big Data Analysis help companies to design and organize marketing action according to the purchasing behavior of the Customer and help to develop integrated communication strategies between e-commerce and traditional retail (on-line / off-line).
Traceability with the use of sensors and smart objects, that populate the Internet of Things (IoT), are revolutionizing the retail outlets in the Retail and Fashion sectors. The digitization of information flows makes more efficient the receipt of goods through RFID and DESADV, via EDI (stock arrangements, SSCC code, deadlines).


Gruppo SCAI supports companies in the implementation of digital projects reformulating products, services and processes. Technological innovations: collaborative logistics and supply chain management, Smart Engagement and new technologies in the store, Business Intelligence & Big Data, security, anti-theft systems.
We help in using the BI data to support the business, optimizing the supply chain with collaborative logistics, with multi-channel for customer loyalty, evaluation of opportunities from mobile payment and mobile POS, innovating outlets with electronic devices.
Business innovation for the development of application solutions also in day by day management. Payment system innovations: POS, security, CRM, loyalty & fidelity cards, eCommerce and digital marketing.



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