ICT technologies play an increasingly strategic role and being pervasive in the relationship between information, processes and actors in the services market for Real Estate assets, becoming a powerful lever for innovation and performance improvement.

Many companies or business functional areas have as core business the Real Estate Management. Banks, insurance companies, public and private institutions, they often create special ad hoc companies, or reserve for Real Estate (property and facility management) specific departments / functional areas, because of the importance and complexity of the matter. Public Housing bodies are committed to provide housing solutions for subsidized rents in real estate.

Real Estate: for a proper property management it is essential to adopt effective IT tools. Application solutions for Real Estate Management have to allow an optimal management and be integrated in several areas: property, facility, energy and space management, engineering.

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ICT technologies in Real Estate Management can play a strategic and pervasive role in the relationship between information, processes and actors in the services market for Real Estate Assets, becoming a powerful lever for innovation and performance improvement.
Proper software solutions can support rapid and integrated data processing processes, a prerequisite for optimal and on-target use in the field of property management. Application solutions for property management allow the optimization of operational processes and create value. The use of appropriate ICT solutions at the different types of operators however, presents problems and limitations, but also great opportunities and growth expectations, especially in the service sector of Property & Facility Management areas.
In the context of Real Estate it is essential that the available tools comply with regulations in force: IMU, TASI, TARI, Local Tax, IMUS, to name just a few of the latest Italian tax provisions or legislative assumptions on Real Estate. The taxation aspect deserves special attention and has to be constantly monitored and controlled. The process of fulfilling tax obligations in the Real Estate, it is complex and requires appropriate application solutions and a continuous updates to keep up with the latest regulatory requirements.


Gruppo SCAI has strong expertise in Real Estate and offers an integrated platform highly innovative, flexible according to the different needs of companies in the real estate sector.
A reliable IT solution in continuous evolution that allows companies to comply quickly to new regulations responding to the essential needs of technological and digital innovation, responding to what the market demands as Mobile and Internet of Things, with appropriate hardware and software solutions.
Gruppo SCAI provides companies that need to manage Real Estate Assets the best application solutions and range of services (assessment, implementation, customization, change management, training) that allow each company to equip themselves with the best tools to govern processes with maximum efficiency.
Technical and functional experts of Gruppo SCAI meet daily needs and requirements of different operators in the Real Estate sector and from companies that need to manage their Real Estate Assets.



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IMU, TASI, TARI, Local Tax: the benefits of a property management software

10 June 2015

Gruppo SCAI offers companies integrated software solutions for property management to comply with its tax obligations and all other necessities
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Real Estate Management Software

4 December 2014

REALGIMM, Real Estate Management Software integrated and modular solution, allows to manage all phases of the Real Estate processes with efficiency.


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