Public Administration considers the digitization a strategic factor. The changing processes and digital innovations also pass through new sharing models.

Several companies in the public sector are facing the challenges of digital revolution, a crucial step for the entire national economic systems. Technology evolves rapidly, imposing a strong acceleration in the process of digital transformation of public bodies, which have to answer to citizens and companies that require improvement and digitization of the services and more flexibility.

Public Administration: savings goals of public bodies may be achieved through best practices, experiences and applications among different agencies and also by making available data and information (Open Data and Open Government) with new services, even for a fee.

Focus On

Public Administration

Public Administration: the process of change and digital innovation also involves new sharing. Data and information have become available to citizens and companies through the Open Data model.
Public Administration: public bodies, including those with the participation of private entities, can offer new services (even in the cloud) to citizens using the public information assets and transforming IT and data in their possession into value. In public institutions it is possible to use technologies to redesign the organization and processes, creating a chain of welfare, with a new digital ecosystem.


Gruppo SCAI has been active since 1973 in the sector of Public Administration providing public bodies a deep knowledge of the processes of the different functional areas. Gruppo SCAI has implemented solutions for different functional areas of local public authorities: demographics, construction, production, taxes, education, training, work, health, planning, agriculture, industry, environment, security, administration, human resources, real estate, document management, transport.
Support to local authorities (PAL) and national (PAC) in the path of digital innovation processes with application solutions, projects, outsourcing services and system integration.
Effective and reliable partner to capitalize new technologies, facilitating the digitization process: IoT (AIDC, RFID, NFC), graphometric signature (AdES) and integrated document management, Big Data, Mobile App, cyber security for the protection of sensitive data.



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23 February 2016

Dematerializzation, e-government, networking & tlc, cybersecurity, banking system: offering of SCAI Polska - Gruppo SCAI
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OmniChannel Big Data Analytics platforms

24 November 2015

OmniChannel Big Data Analytics, Web application client oriented, MVC pattern, data binding framework: multi-channel digital customer-oriented
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12 June 2015

How to deal with the very current topic of Big Data with a methodological and structured approach?
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AIDC, RFID, NFC, smart label, Internet of Things

5 May 2015

Internet of Things, transmission and storage of data in objects, AIDC, RFID, NFC, QR Code: the answer to every need of conveying information


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