The Media sector is deeply involved by technological development in the internationalization and it is experiencing serious transformations.

The Media sector is deeply involved in technological development, internationalization and is currently undergoing strong transformations. We are witnessing the convergence between different entities in the industry, traditional Media Companies (Television broadcasters and press) and New Media which transmit information in digital format.

All Media Companies have a central role in the innovation of the sector (connected TV, Online Videos, Social, Mobile App). In the era of digitalization and communication, companies in this sector have to offer new information services and entertainment products to its customers.

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The market is deeply involved and the internationalization of technological development and is experiencing serious transformations.
Media and entertainment industry are changing very quickly.
Media Companies are deeply redesigning traditional application solutions, processes and organization, with the aim of taking the opportunities of the digitization and innovation.
In the age of communication, Media companies offer more and more personalized and multi-channel services to its customers.
Distributed management of information assets as complex as that of the radio-television network, requires a global view of the processes and production flows, functional know-how for analysis and specific technical competences for the creation of ad hoc solutions, for choosing the best tools available and to organize the necessary system integration activities.


With the experience gained in many years of activity, Gruppo SCAI is able to support all stages of a multimedia project, and manage the archives with web and multi-channel access (cataloging, digitization, storage, documentation of audio, video, images).
Our products for the fruition and vision of multimedia contents, have been following the recent trends and are mobile-friendly. Thanks to technologies for the transcription of speech, similarity search of images, and algorithms for the classification of video and audio content, the multimedia product is contextualized and integrated by metadata.
Gruppo SCAI provides to radio / television networks services in all areas (transmission, marketing, production, databases, administrative) and application solutions to integrate and improve the management of information flows using technology with hardware and software tools.
With our experience in major projects, we are able to offer solutions and to manage all stages of multimedia projects, including the phases of recovery from old hardware, digitization and indexing, from the feasibility study following the whole development of the project, with change management services, support and training for the user.



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Digital media | Multimedia Digitization

19 March 2015

Digital media | Multimedia Digitization - Digitizing from audio-visual or written paper documents, cataloging, indexing and archiving.


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