To compete in an increasingly competitive market, insurance companies have to deal with the digital revolution by redesigning processes and re-formulating the services offered to their customers.

Insurance companies are investing heavily in digitization and in the adoption of technologies to provide innovative solutions by opening new channels of communication with customers via web and mobile, in addition to the traditional agencies. In the insurance sector, on-line insurance policies are growing, and customers are appreciating new more personalized services, accessible via mobile App with tablets and smartphones, enabling access to new functions.

Insurance companies offer customers, increasingly targeted policies, “tailored” and focus on the digitization of processes with simplification of procedures to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

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Internet of Things and mobility, big data and analytics are changing the insurance industry. The digital transformation requires an extreme customer centricity. They want to contact the insurance industries with different channels, including social media. They need increasingly personalized pricing systems. The insurance industries are reviewing the organization and are adopting new platforms omnichannel and new big data analysis systems.
Insurance: to compete in an increasingly dynamic market, insurance companies have to deal with the digital revolution by redesigning processes and re-formulating the services offered to their customers. In the digital era, the insurance industry is very sensitive to product innovation, which is an asset for intermediaries and an important added value for customers. The industry is ready to take the new opportunities offered by digital technologies and new organizational models for the best use of the different channels. Customer Experience (CX Insurance) is a one of the priorities among insurance companies.
IoT is the new frontier for insurance: use of smart objects as black box and telematics on transportation, perimeter sensors altogether with automation and remote control instruments for buildings, wearable devices to monitor people’s lifestyles. The Internet of Things opens the way to a new approach of insurance companies to customers, allowing to reward good behavior (careful driving, sports, adoption homes tools of risk prevention). It moves more and more from a perspective focused on the settlement of claims in logical proactive prevention, care, closeness to the real needs of the insured.
Insurance: the pivot for insurance industry remains the network of agencies and brokers, but also web and mobile channels are increasingly being used; apps and social networks are useful to increase the competitive advantage and offer increasingly innovative and customized services for increasingly demanding and technologically advanced customers.
Data management is the real core business of insurance. An effective use of big data analysis, delivering informations provided by corporate systems, aggregated with those provided by the company, by the App and by the new IoT instruments, allow insurance companies to customize the offer. There should be also a strong focus on the topic of cyber security, the guarantee of the integrity of data and documents stored digitally and respect for privacy laws.
Also in insurance sector there is a confirmation of the digitization trend for processes and an increase of the use of digital tools, thanks to the advanced electronic signature and graphometric signature. It also imposing the use of electronic payment instruments for innovative bonuses: mobile, wireless and virtual Pos, PayPal account and other innovative electronic payment.


Insurance: Gruppo SCAI offers insurance companies highly qualified expertise, the ability to deal with complex projects, create ad hoc solutions or provide services, including outsourcing or cloud, and system integration.
Insurance: the specialists of Gruppo SCAI supports IT technicians and representatives of the business lines to identify the best solutions on different technology platforms: domain experts of various fields of insurance (damage, life, elementary segments etc.), technical specialists, project manager, product experts, system architects, digital innovation specialist.
Insurance: the acquired expertise and proximity to insurance processes, make the Gruppo SCAI an effective and reliable partner in all areas of insurance companies: claims, channels, wallets for insurance policies, systems of agency, etc.
Insurance: Gruppo SCAI is the winning answer for insurance companies looking for a partner who can offer them technical and functional expertise for digital innovation. Infrastructure, integration, intelligence, innovation: the insurance companies require specialized skills, which only specialized consulting firms as Gruppo SCAI are capable to offer, to deal with business processes redesigning with new technologies, solutions and value added services.



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