The information structures of the medical companies are often complex and not always fully integrated: technology can help to increase efficiency and improve services.

Healthcare, as well as pursue policies with the aim of containing costs, are heavily involved in the process of digital innovation. The demand for e-health services is increasing: electronic health records, e-prescription, reservations, medical reports and online payments via App, electronic prescriptions.
Healthcare: ICT is an essential factor for the realization of the digital healthcare of the future.

Among the issues of greatest urgency in the healthcare sector, there are the optimization of logistics and management of resources (drugs, medical devices, people, processes).
The problems of health organization are similar to those of the retail sector: numerous physical and logical flows that goes outside as material procurement, delivery services, but also material handling between departments, inventory.

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The healthcare industry – healthcare services (hospital and medical activities) and pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and related life sciences – increasingly requires advanced application solutions and the processes review. They need to introduce information and communication technologies in the clinical and health assistance context to to improve diagnostic performance and to reduce the costs, such as using digital tracking.
The adoption of technologies and the digitization process are an important driver to improve the effectivenes of the organizations and to offer innovative and efficient services: dematerialization of health documents, cloud computing, big data and analytics, IoT, local medicine and many more.
The information structure of companies in the healthcare sector, public or private, are often complex and not always fully integrated. Technology can help the healthcare sector to improve services. The aim is to streamline and digitize information systems, creating an integrated electronic health care system.
In addition to e-health, healthcare companies are focusing on several objectives:

  • collaboration and sharing of resources and information with the Electronic Health Record;
  • automation of logistics and regulations;
  • Mobile App;
  • use of Big Data Analysis and reuse of best practices in healthcare.
The use of appropriate big data & analytics systems on clinical data could open new diagnostic horizons. It will be possible to prevent and treat the disease more quickly and effectively. The analysis of the correlations between the data of the various medical equipments with historical and environmental data could provide a guidance to develop sophisticaded diagnostic algorithms. It will be possible to better detect the earliest signs of disease and act quickly. The devices could be networked with sensors (IoT) to provide data and informations for the database.


Solutions and ICT services, consultancy, project, cloud computing and outsourcing, assistance and training: the skills acquired in over forty years of activity make Gruppo SCAI a system integrator with extensive experience that offers to companies in health-related sector expertise and experience.
We offer to companies in the healthcare sector service assessment to evaluate the complexity of the information structure, the interdependence and the quality of services, security levels and costs identifying the more reliable and efficient configuration. According to the needs and objectives, we offer the best solution: ad hoc developments or use of products, framework, functions, services, cloud, outsourcing.
We support the growth of companies in the healthcare world by integrating processes and enabling technologies to provide access to new opportunities, solutions and services. Gruppo SCAI can facilitate the digitization thanks to technology: IoT-AIDC (RFID, NFC, graphometric signature and integrated document management), Big Data, Mobile App and cyber security solutions and encryption for security and protection of sensitive data.
Gruppo SCAI has strong functional expertise in the health sector, in particular for the production of application solutions for managing different aspects healthcare information systems such as networks for Health, project SovraCup, Pharmaceutical, oncology network, forensics.



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