Banks are investing heavily in digitization with deep changes, thanks to the introduction of innovative technologies.

Banks invest in multi-channel, opening new digital channels of communication with their customers via web and mobile in addition to traditional branches.

Banks are offering customers innovative services increasingly customizable, they are heavily involved in improving processes, with attention focus on regulatory compliance (Basel 2) and security, and at the same time they are pointing on the simplification of procedures to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

The banking industry is investing heavily in the process of digitalization as an enabling factor.

Focus On


Banks are redrawing their processes and operating models and re-formulating the offering, to deal with an increasingly competitive, constantly evolving market.
Online accounts are constantly growing, together with App enabling mobile access for new evolving features.
Cyber Security is a fundamental value.


Gruppo SCAI offers banking institutions highly qualified skills, the ability to deal with complex projects, to create ad hoc solutions or providing services, including outsourcing or cloud services. The proposed solutions are the result of collaboration between banking experts, system architects, project managers and technicians, for helping banks to deal with the digital revolution.
We assists banking institutions in all areas, from retail to corporate & investment banking The skills acquired in over forty years of activity, proximity to the processes, and extensive experience, allow the SCAI Group to be an effective and reliable partner in all the banking areas: loans, payments, foreign, finance, risk management etc ..
We offer technological expertise and we are capable of managing the entire lifecycle of complex projects and to offer innovative solutions for redrawing business processes.
Our banking experts, technical specialists, project and product managers, and our system architects are working on major technology platforms alongside IT technicians and representatives of the business lines to identify the best solutions on different technology platforms.



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OmniChannel Big Data Analytics platforms

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Mobile App Multiplatform

26 January 2015

The Mobile Division of Gruppo SCAI has developed a new platform for rapid development of cross-platform mobile app, strong and solid to offer to businesses.


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