The digital innovation is a decisive factor in the automotive and aerospace sectors.

The automotive sector is one of the most sensitive for digital innovation at all stages of design, production, sales and service, and product innovation along with mechatronics and telematics. Similarly, the aerospace sector is particularly sensitive to technologies for process innovation and product development.

The digital revolution brings in the automotive and aerospace sectors elements of process innovation and repositioning of the offer. The aerospace is one of the leading sectors in digital innovation and the protagonist of many technological challenges. The automotive industry is very advanced in robotics and telecommunication services.

Focus On

Automotive & Aerospace

The automotive sector, which is investing heavily in the development of alternative propulsion systems, is among the most involved in the digital transformation. Vehicles include more and more software systems. The aviation, aerospace and defense industries, characterized by significant investments in R&D and strict quality control systems, are among the top drivers of technological innovation.
In automotive and aerospace electronic components increased (mechatronics) and innovation deeply affects the interaction product / user (IoT).
In automotive sector the request for telematics services has increased (traffic real time information, routes, emergency, anti-theft systems, facilities), and this trend affects purchasing decisions and brand loyalty.
In the highly competitive automotive sector the sales process is changed and you need to generate and qualify leads to support it. An appropriate use of multi-channel strategies, business intelligence, big data and analytics can enable the automotive companies to offer to the customers a differentiating experience.


Gruppo SCAI offers for the Automotive and Aerospace sectors consulting, services and ICT solutions for digital innovation and business development with competences in mechatronics gained with several major research projects.
Gruppo SCAI has strong skills in Automotive and Aerospace sectors. The Group is part of the mechatronics pole, which includes companies and research organizations to develop products and processes characterized by integrating the advanced features with more traditional component engineering with electronics and computer science, and it has developed important projects in R&D area.



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