Software development projects: Agile Methodologies and Practices

Sviluppo software Agile: workshop del Gruppo SCAI

The workshop has allowed the identification of the problematic aspects of project management and of software products based on traditional approaches, proposing paths more open to communication and sharing, more responsive to changes with the goal of building the vision of a new product / service with a winning approach

29/06/2015, Bologna, SCAI Consulting

Agile software development: workshop “Agile Methodologies and Practices”, Bologna – June 29th, 2015

Software development projects. In a changing scenario, a development team needs a more responsive and adaptable model: the principles, values and practices of Agile methodologies

SCAI Consulting has promoted the workshop “Agile Engineering”, on methods and practices of Agile software development, organized in Bologna June 29th, 2015.

sviluppo-software-agile-CiroDonato Caiazzo_GruppoSCAI

Ciro Donato Caiazzo
SCAI Consulting

The role of speaker and agile coach was given to the new entry of SCAI Consulting, Ciro Donato Caiazzo.

The workshop began with a reflection on the aspects and problems in managing projects and software products with the traditional approaches, focusing on the Waterfall Model where making a change has an increasing cost over time and the development team does not receive any feedback from users before the entire project is in production.

In this scenario, a development team needs a more responsive and adaptable model and therefore a “agile” model, where the changes do not have critical impacts on the costs of the project, with several and frequent feedbacks and cost of a changing constant over time.

The objective of the workshop was to discuss these themes by introducing the principles that are the basis of Agile manifesto, in particular the principles and practices of the methodology XP (eXtreme Programming), with a particular focus on the following topics:

  • Scrum
  • Kanban
  • Pair Programming
  • TDD (Test-driven development)
  • Refactoring
  • Collective Code Ownership
  • Continuous Integration
  • Source Control System
  • Vision and Product Canvas

The purpose of the workshop was to strengthen the communication and cooperation among participants with sessions of Pair programming and by giving them an objective: “Building the vision of a new product or service using the Vision and Product Canvas, according to the successful style of lean startup approach”.