SCAI Capital e OnGuard at ACMI Day

SCAI Capital ad AMCI DAY, Credit management & Cash allocation

SCAI Capital and its Strategic Partner OnGuard, have chosen to support ACMI, the prestigious 40 years old Italian association of credit managers, to contribute actively to the dissemination of culture and best practices for managing credit bringing the experience gained in projects success worldwide.

Source: 25/06/2014 – SCAI CAPITAL,


ACMI, Credit Managers Association of Italy, founded in 1974 is an association of individuals who work in companies, or for companies, to protect and create value through the professional management of commercial credit. Today ACMI gathers more than 600 members, and it is a member of FECMA (Federation of European Credit Management Associations), the European Federation of National Associations of Credit Managers.

SCAI Capital

SCAI Capital, which gathers the experiences of Dianos professionals and experts in finance and IT solutions, has been responsible for risk management for over 25 years and has always been involved in the dissemination of information technology tools of the new generation, for businesses companies in all sectors and for banks.

OnGuard connext software

OnGuard connext, software for credit management: payments faster and stronger relationships to stay ahead.

– Can you imagine a work environment where you look first to debtors as customers?

– Can you imagine a transparent and dynamic communication which helps to collect more quickly your invoices?

– We at SCAI Capital believe that cultivating a strong interaction with customers is the key to optimizing the performance of credit management.

Connext OnGuard is the only software for the management of credit, collections and complaints dedicated to B2B, oriented both to the relationship with the customer and financial transactions.


The Italian Credit Managers, met in Milan to discuss the best practices and on the most effective tools for proper and excellent management of credit, and to meet industry experts.

As part at ACMI Day, SCAI Capital had its own space dedicated for information, and field experts were able to touch on OnGuard, the unique solution of credit management and cash allocation, and discuss with our experts on tools and best practices to improve the management of working capital, speed up collections and improve the relationship with customers, according to the philosophy of “customer intimacy.”

It was an interesting day, there were many participants, despite the inclement weather.

The interventions were very interesting and very qualified, and they explore some of the main aspects of the credit management such as: the use of information gathered during the collection for forecasting of receipts through the use of Business Intelligence systems, the different aspects of coverage credit insurance and planning / management of advanced reporting, for the different business areas.

Good level of interest at our information point, despite the organization of space was not optimal for the layout of the hotel that host the event, and the agenda of the interventions which was very tight, leaving not so many free spaces to look into specific questions.

The day has been an interesting opportunity to get closer to the community of credit managers and Italian CFO Association members, a community very interested in the methodological comparison and exchange of experiences.

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SCAI Capital and OnGuard software for credit management ACMI DAY on June 25th in Milan

ACMI DAY on June 25th in Milan