The Polish railways are investing to improve services to customers and cargo transport systems

The Polish railways – PKP PLK – intend to spend more than 2 billion zloty (500 million euro) to improve cargo transportation and to modernize traveler services on main lines.

Source: 08/04/2015 – infoMercatiEsteri – – SCAI Polska – Polska Rail Cluster

Poland confirms the program of investment in infrastructure, energy and environment (Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment, in Polish Program Operacyjny Infrastruktura i Środowisko – POIS 2014-2020) of around 32 billion euro, of which 27 will be allocated by European Union. About 6 billion Euros will be spent for the modernization of railway transport in Poland.

The company that manages the infrastructure of national Polish railways PKP – PLK (Company of PKP Group, Polskie Koleje Państwow – PLK, Polskie Linie Kolejowe), will invest more than 2 billion euro for the modernization of the rail network, the reconstruction of stations and for acquisition of new installations for the management of rail networks.

Among the investments of Polish railways, the largest project concerns the continuation modernization works on the line n. 131 South / North which connects the region of Silesia with Pomerania, the so-called “coal line” (more than 150 million zlotys, about € 37 million euro). PKP – PLK also intends to invest over 100 million zloty (25 million euro) in the modernization of the railway line that runs along the western border with the river Odra, which provides direct access to the port of Szczecin and to the Baltic Sea.

Some of the planned investment projects have the primary purpose of restoring railway lines that were not used for a long time. There are also planned the reconstructions of the railway stations of Jelenia Góra, in Lower Silesia and Zielona Góra, in western Poland.

The Polish railway company is planning to acquire rail traffic management systems for the nodes in Bydgoszcz, Poznan and Krakow, and equipment for rail traffic control in order to improve transport also in urban areas.

Poland is favored by a strategic geographical position which places it at the center of European routes.

Gruppo SCAI has developed strong expertise in the railway sector and through the company SCAI Polska, that has been present for several years with an office in Warsaw, offers support to Italian companies in the railway, to take advantage of the significant opportunities offered by the Polish market.

Among the most significant experiences of success there was the realization of the dynamic passenger information system of the Warsaw Central Railway Station.

SCAI Polska supports Italian companies in the railway sector to develop business in Poland offering commercial, technical and administrative services. Thanks to years of experience in the transport sector in Poland, and the network of its customers, SCAI Polska is able to provide specific services presenting itself as a Rail Cluster reference in the market.

Among future initiatives, in September 2015 SCAI Polska will participate at the Polish railway TRAKO International Railway Fair, the most important and prestigious meeting for rail industry in Poland, and one of the major trade shows in Europe.