Gruppo SCAI at Turin Software & Systems Meeting, Smart Mobility & Logistics, presents SCAI TEAM

immagine news Il Gruppo SCAI al Torino Software & Systems Meeting, Smart Mobility & Logistics presenta SCAI TEAM

Gruppo SCAI encounters logistics firms, local authorities and companies operating in Smart Mobility & Logistics, to share their perspectives and meet their real needs and requirements, by proposing SCAI vision on transport, energy, environment and mobility with the latest solutions developed on these topics.

Source: 14/11/2014

Gruppo SCAI presents SCAI TEAM (Trasporti, Energia, Ambiente, Mobilità) Transportation, Energy, Environment, and Mobility solutions

Smart Mobility & Logistics

Mobility is one of the most important issues from both an economic and social perspective. People are increasingly demanding to be able to move quickly and safely, asking for more services. The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in fact, it is transforming this world through innovations in vehicles, signaling systems on road, traffic detection and systems for entertainment and information.

There are now more mobile devices, connected to cellular networks (including M2M), that inhabitants. In five years, in 2020, the so-called Internet of Things, will be populated by 25 billion objects. Analysts say that the services related to the IoT, are calculated around $ 70 billion (will be 263 to 2020). It is also necessary to develop new power grids to distribute real-time information, smarter and closer to the daily needs of users, the so-called interactive or proximity communication.

Gruppo SCAI integrated offering: SCAI TEAM Transport, Energy, Environment, Mobility

Gruppo SCAI for these reasons, has built an integrated offering on these needs in order to offer companies the areas Transport, Energy, Environment and Mobility, innovative and sustainable business models

Gruppo SCAI is a network of competences and experiences, thanks to a selected pool of experienced professionals, that are capable to offer the best solutions, technological and process expertise, with best practices and continuous research and testing of innovative technologies, in order to use, for every single solution and for each project, the proper technology mix in terms of performance, security, reliability and convenience.

Gruppo SCAI offers specific expertise in the areas of technological expertise and business integration, ensuring a structured and methodical approach with integration capabilities, industry leading solutions and innovative services.

The transportation service market is showing a constant and strong growth, stimulated by the demand for optimization of intermodal transport, both for passengers and goods, and reduction in operating costs, together with the constant necessity of improving the quality of service.

Our offer is part of this scenario, with solutions in continuous and rapid evolution that see in consolidation and technology convergence, one of the major levers for growth to meet the needs of logistics support for environmental issues and security.
Gruppo SCAI is highly specialized in the field of transportation and logistics (rail or on the road, for passenger and goods) and in particular on “on board” information systems for trains and ground control, used on national and regional rail networks: design, implementation, testing and application maintenance.

Web applications / services development

  • Monitoring of trains / vehicles;
  • Integration of logistics with main national systems;
  • Installation control systems, usability of track, rolling stock;
  • Web portals for shipments tracking, optimization of delivery routes;
  • Data claims management for public urban transportation.

Proposed solutions, some examples

  • Research and data exchange, via web or mobile app;
  • Info-point multimedia public (time lines, binary);
  • Remote control / ground and on board devices;
  • Customization of ERP modules with reporting.

The combination of energy efficiency policies and ICT, has led to the definition of a new technological area, ICT for Energy Efficiency.
The transport sector is responsible for about one third of the energy consumption of the world and has great margins for reducing energy consumption. The knowledge and technology that we put in the field within Energy, Smart Grid and ITS (Information Transport System) have the same aim, in addition to more efficient management, that is the drastic reduction in energy costs with saving of resources.
According to calculations of the European Commission, ICT can lead to an overall reduction in carbon emissions of 15% by 2020, with the ability to improve monitoring and management of energy consumption, particularly within transport. Our ITS solutions allow to reduce emissions in transport by 27%. Advanced solutions for printing, document management, output management and ECM, video conferencing systems and remote communication with safe digitization, enabled by graphometric signature, available also on tablet / smartphone, can produce businesses savings and help the environment.
The development of networks and digital technologies is an essential factor to build the communication systems of the future: access to corporate resources from different mobile devices (BYOD), augmented reality, QR dynamic codes. Smartphones, tablets and netbooks are increasingly universal device for business with a continuous exchange of data and information in real-time, everywhere. Native mobile apps and web-app that we offer, are designed for the latest mobile devices and on different platforms – iOS, Android and Windows Mobile. Development opportunities are transversal and can touch every sector and every need of business companies.