Dojo Events: opportunities for meeting and sharing

Eventi Dojo a Bologna, spazi di condivisione di idee e competenze Bologna - Gruppo SCAI - SCAI Consulting

Dojo events are comparison spaces for sharing experiences and competences on technologies, methodologies, business and other subjects to enhance the individual talents, to overcome barriers or hierarchies, and to design innovative solutions

21/07/2015, Bologna, SCAI Consulting

Dojo Events: sharing of ideas, passions, solutions – Bologna – July 21st , 2015

The event, that will be repeated every month, aims to enhance the talents and facilitate the exchange and the sharing of experiences and skills to seek innovative solutions, improving communication and collaboration.

sviluppo-software-agile-metodologie-e-pratiche-CiroDonato Caiazzo_GruppoSCAI

Ciro Donato Caiazzo
SCAI Consulting

SCAI Consulting has organized and promoted, on 21st July 2015, the first of a series of dojo events, whose purpose is to enhance and facilitate the sharing of ideas, passions and solutions among the talents of SCAI Consulting.

This initiative is the brainchild of Ciro Donato Caiazzo – Senior Web Architect and Agile Coach at SCAI Consulting – and it has been created to give people working at SCAI Consulting the opportunity to cultivate and improve their talent, breaking down barriers between working groups, facilitating the sharing of skills and experience, creating new ideas and to improve team cooperation in searching for innovative solutions.

The event was inspired by the experience of the dojo, a Japanese term for a place for martial arts practice, in which it is possible to achieve the perfect balance between body and mind, but not just that. The dojo it is also an attitude, a way to make people feel at ease. Hierarchies (such as in business companies) are set aside to make room for a group of people who meet freely and by choice to share skills, passions, ideas, solutions enhancing the talents of everyone.

Dojo Events will be organized once a month and they will try to make room to propose and suggest topics (of technologies, methodologies, business, experience, etc.), that will be voted on by the participants and discussed in the next dojo.

Each Dojo Event can be organized starting from a presentation, a tutorial, a pair-programming sessions or simply by finding new ways to teach and share competences.