Seminar of Gruppo SCAI, about software development framework agile Scrum, at the University of Turin

Seminario sul framework Scrum del Gruppo SCAI al Dipartimento di Informatica dell'Università di Torino

Gruppo SCAI seminar on agile Scrum methodology applied on enterprise: a set of values, practices and rules within a single software development framework

08/04/2015, SCAI Academy

The seminar was organized by Gruppo SCAI for the students of the third-year of the degree course in Computer Science.

The event was held at the Department of Computer Science, University of Turin, for the course: “Sviluppo software per componenti e Servizi web”, and it was focused in particular on the reasons underlying the agile Scrum methodology.
There were illustrate examples of Scrum in real project management cases. Scrum it is more than a methodology, it is an agile framework that provides tools and guidelines to handle “easily” a software development project in a prescriptive way, proposing rules to follow.

Scrum is an agileprocess engineering software, which allows to focus on business delivery of the software, that will be checked and verified quickly and repeatedly, with the highest value obtainable. It is the business that sets priorities.

Project managers of Gruppo SCAI pay attention to the best practices of project management, and they were able to test its effectiveness in numerous projects. After a brief description of the agile Scrum framework, there was a presentation to the students of some case studies of success. The seminar has raised interest, and there were numerous questions that our engineers have responded, with the interesting points of comparison.
The meeting took place on April 8th, Pessinetto Street n. 12, in Turin.

University of Turin
Department of Computer Science,
Via Pessinetto 12, Turin
April 8th, 2015.