Gruppo SCAI Seminar about leadership, October 2nd, at the University of Turin

Gruppo SCAI, in collaboration with the University of Turin, held a seminar on “Leadership in the company: lead the team towards successful businesses”, inserted in the context of the course: “Software development for components and Web services.”

Source: 16/10/2014, SCAI Academy

The leader dreams the change, because without changing there is regression.

In order to communicate in business, processes and methodologies are not enough: it is necessary to learn the common language, which was formed with its history of challenges, values, goals, vision.

The meeting organized by Gruppo SCAI, proposed examples of corporate life illustrating patterns of organizational behavior related to leadership and management, with a focus on the ability to lead a team into successful businesses.

The leader, as a manager:

  • He has awareness of communication inherent in the behavior, which can bring to the organizational schemes.
  • He examines lost games with the looking also at the ball and not only to the players.
  • • He has a tool-box with the right instruments for corrective measures, temporary, emergency or preventive.
  • He transmits the pride of wearing his shirt.

The leader, as a collaborator:

  • He understands the business logic.
  • He does not report the board of directors to present problems, but to suggest solutions.
  • He facilitates the functional and logic processes of team working.
  • He does not use the lack of power as an excuse

The seminar, intended for students of the Master Degree in Computer Science, took place at the headquarters of the Department of Computer Science of the University of Turin.