Recruiting day of Gruppo SCAI, Polytechnic of Turin

immagine news 17 Novembre al Politecnico di Torino recruiting day di Gruppo SCAI

The recruiting day of Gruppo SCAI was an interesting opportunity to meet with students and recent graduates to present projects, IT architecture and agile development methodologies.

Source: 17/11/2014

The meeting, which took place November 17th, 2014, took place as a business meeting: the students participated to an exercise and, at the same time, experienced the frenzy of the departure of a real project, to be more precise the Kick Off meeting for the implementation of a system in mobile environment, with issues of Advanced Electronic Signature.

The students were sitting at the table with colleagues of Politecnico di Torino, to discuss on a business case, talking about computer architectures and methodologies. It was an opportunity to get in touch with Gruppo SCAI, hear and be heard by those who may become future colleagues.

Who we are

Gruppo SCAI, founded in 1973, among the first companies in the IT sector with Italian capital, provides ICT solutions and services to banks, insurance companies, public bodies, industrial and service companies.

We are 1,200 professionals, all with a passion for computer science. We are a network of companies and this means for us, sharing the wealth of experience to develop the best solution for each customer.

Postgraduate education and training on the job

  • We involve our technicians to determine what they will need in the field, to create a bridge between the university and the market, as a starting point towards the future.
  • We build, in a pragmatic way, training to transfer technical knowledge and develop, in every participant, practical skills immediately applicable on projects.


The meeting was aimed at University students and recent graduates in Computer Engineering, Automation Engineering, Telecommunications Engineering and Electronic Engineering, with a great passion for the ICT world.