Gruppo SCAI at the Politecnico di Milano on December 3rd : design your future, roundtable

The working world meets students and graduates of the Politecnico di Milano: Computer Engineering, Database course. The Career Service of the Politecnico di Milano has developed a very interesting formula: roundtable discussions in class.

Source: 03/12/2014

Design your future! Round table lecture at the Politecnico di Milano

It is not a job meeting, but a simple “round table” with students of computer engineering. This meeting encourages active interaction between teachers, students and business companies.

We at Gruppo SCAI strongly believe that the business world and academic sphere can collaborate in sharing and exchanging skills and expertise. It is very important for us to meet students interested in deepening technological, methodological and active participation with this kind of workshops.

On 3rd December, as part of the “Databases” course of Computer Engineering, Gruppo SCAI has had the pleasure to discuss with the young participants and to share ideas, insights, experiences and success stories. In a very short introduction speech we were able to tell how we position ourselves in the market and the role played by engineers in our projects.

Gruppo SCAI is one of the first Italian system integrators, a network of companies in terms of management, manufacturing and research, that believes in research and sharing of innovative ideas, to build a shared and structured knowledge. Gruppo SCAI has always paid attention to confrontation and in exchanging experiences with other realities, often by taking part in international projects in collaboration with other companies, research centers and universities, bringing interesting ideas, expertise and innovative solutions in the working groups.

When: Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014, 10:30 to 12:00
What: Roundtable lesson
Professor: Prof. Ceri
Target: Computer Engineering
Where: Room EG3, Politecnico di Milano

On this page of the Career Service of the Politecnico di Milano, down below, there is the link to the event “Roundtable lesson” of December 3rd: Career Service – Politecnico di Milano – Interviews in class 2014