Gruppo SCAI meets students of Engineering of the Polytechnic of Turin at Infostage 2015

For the event it was chosen the “fair” formula, because this promotes a more direct exchange of information. It represented an exciting opportunity for meeting and promoting collaboration between companies within academic world for the future performance of curricular internships and for graduation thesis in ICT and Engineering Management area.

Source: 24/02/2015


At the event there were students interested in internships for Bachelors Degree in Engineering for Information Technology of the Polytechnic of Turin, together with the students of Master degree in Management Engineering.
There were also other students, interested for thesis works or business internships pre / post-graduation.

Gruppo SCAI, on 23rd February, met students to present a forefront ICT network for the digital revolution with its free training, created for integrating internships and stages.

  • Training programs
    For students and recent graduates in computer engineering or related to other disciplines in information systems, there were presented two training courses, lasting three months, for induction into the company.
  • Programming .NET C # ASP.NET MVC 5 in Turin
  • Programming .NET C # ASP.NET MVC 5 in Bologna
  • Curricular Internships
    Gruppo SCAI has proposed curricular placements on:

    • Biometric recognition through graphometric signature
      Biometric technologies are designed to automatically identify and verify the identity of persons through the evaluation of the physical or behavioral characteristics. Biometric technologies meet the need to safely manage the identification both in the physical world and in the digital age: the biometric signature, with its graphometric declination, it is an application used for this purpose.
    • DB relational Integration and Big Data
      The activity involves the study and usage of typologies, models and tools of the Big Data world. In particular, it will be performed a study on the problem of transferring data, acquired by Big Data relational databases systems.
    • Preparation of accessible data through the web
      The activity includes the study of correlations between the Web and Big Data, in order to make data available to the Web as a service.