Gruppo SCAI at e-Labora work forum, 25th, 26th, 27th September in Catanzaro

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Gruppo SCAI attended the forum organized by the Province of Catanzaro, in collaboration with Monster Italy, to facilitate the orientation, and training for work, in order to meet recent graduates that are interested in starting a career in ICT.

Source: 24/09/2014 – SCAI Academy

The event

The work forum e-Labora, held in Catanzaro on 25, 26 and 27 September, was an interesting opportunity organized by the local administration to promote the orientation towards the training and employment of young people.

Gruppo SCAI had thus the opportunity to meet students and recent graduates, from bachelor and master degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electronic Engineering, that are interested in exploring themes addressed by the innovative Gruppo SCAI, and know which are the most sough professionals skills in our sector.

We explained to the graduates something about Gruppo SCAI. A network consists of 1,200 professionals, all with a passion for computer science.

Our customers are leading companies in all sectors:

• Banks, Insurance
• Public Administration
• Energy & Utilities, Telecommunications & Media
• Automotive & Aerospace

Our customers are the engine that drove us into the future. They were the ones who have challenged us with complex request, with some of them very difficult, and those won challenges have made what we are today, a reality with solid foundation.

We push on the accelerator of innovation, and we do this in three ways: studying, with pragmatic approach and research:

  • We study technologies, which, day after day, become strategic for the business of our Customers.
  • We look at innovation with pragmatism: a project is interesting if it is applicable.
  • Thanks to our organizational characteristics and relationships, built with universities and national/ international research organizations, we are participating in major projects involving topics such as biotechnology, social media and semantic, virtual goods, social commerce.