JOB: 40 IT technicians for Gruppo SCAI

Gruppo SCAI is looking for candidates – IT technicians, project managers and new graduates – to be included in ICT projects, to meet the needs of digital innovation of companies in different sectors, throughout Italy

Source: adnkronos, 24 febbraio 2015 –

News also published online by the newspaper “Il Tempo”: 40 IT technicians for Gruppo SCAI

Source: online publication of “Il Tempo”, 24 febbraio 2015 –

IT technicians

Gruppo SCAI, System Integrators and IT Consulting, is seeking more than 40 IT technicians to be included in ICT projects of digital innovation and system integration for banks, insurance companies, government agencies, industrial and service companies in the following cities: Turin, Milan, Padua, Florence, Rome, and Cosenza.

Among the required profiles: project managers and new graduates.

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