REALGIMM: an integrated information system for real estate management

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An integrated information system for the management of properties, like REAL GIMM allows to keep costs under control with an “Income Statement – profit and loss account” for each unit, it is the best solution, especially in times difficult as those we are living in.

Source: Gruppo SCAI, Real Estate Management Division, 04/12/2014

Real Estate Management Software

Real Estate, Property, Facility Management: how to save money and gain efficiency by determining all costs / revenues for every single unit? ICT contributes to Real Estate Management, not only as a support to the timely availability of essential information in management decisions, but also as a lever for innovation for redesigning the business and to increase competitiveness with returns on investment in a shorter time.

REALGIMM, Real Estate Management Software integrated modular software solution, allows to manage all phases of the real estate processes providing useful indicators for strategic choices by collecting and organizing all data and useful elements for the determination of the cost / benefit of each real estate unit.

The property management company-wide, involves areas and functions of technical, administrative and accounting type. In public bodies this activity is performed by several offices with skills, tasks and professional specializations, sometimes very different.

REALGIMM, Real Estate Management Software offers flexible organizational and efficient models, capable to fit even in complex and constantly evolving environments, offering the ability to streamline processes and ensure maximum efficiency with the guarantee of complete safety systems.

REALGIMM, Real Estate Management SoftwareAllows the complete integration of financial information with the maintenance processes and leases, assets and liabilities, expenses and reversible. For institutions of public housing or social housing, it is Necessary to Manage also the housing allocations, redemptions and arrears, alienation and management of public works under the procurement rules.

  • Property Management: Leases, administration, budgets and final accounts, taxes.
  • Facility Management: Maintenance contracts, suppliers, plant.
  • Engineering: Management of construction sites, orders and contracts.
  • Energy Management: Analysis of the data related to the users.
  • Asset & Space Management: Managing spaces, facilities and resources.
  • Document Management: : File of the building in digital format