Outsourcing, Cloud, Technical Assistance

We free you from worries: we help companies to Manage IT systems and complex application environments. Depending on requirements and objectives, some applications remain within the information systems of the company, others can be used as a service or entrusted to reliable outsourcers as Gruppo SCAI, with guarantee of security, data integrity and availability of services with greater flexibility.

Source: 16/03/2015

Virtualization and new IT architectures

The demand for technological on-premises units, large and complex, has weakened in recent years in favor of outsourcing choices that offer improved performance and lower costs, but also faster access to innovation.

Serving the needs and objectives of companies

The definition of the most appropriate architecture has strategic and organizational impacts. Gruppo SCAI offers companies an assessment service to evaluate the complexity of the information structure, the interdependence and the quality of services, security levels and costs, to identify the more reliable and efficient configuration.

From cloud Computing services for Outsourcing of quality to Technical Assistance

The technological evolution requires an evolution in business models. The challenge is to integrate the data into multiple services to better incorporate them into business processes.

  • Cloud Computing

    • Software as a Service
      Applications and features available as a service, a guarantee of safety and reliability, flexibility, speed of innovation.
    • Platform as a Service
      Programs, libraries and services to support the development of applications in an integrated environment, multiple functionalities.
    • Infrastructure as a Service
      ICT infrastructure scalable, reliable and secure. Fixed costs and faster implementation times, compared to traditional solutions.
  • Outsourcing

    • Application Outsourcing
      Development, maintenance and support of applications, possible evolutionary maintenance, innovation.
    •  Business Process Outsourcing
      We optimize business functions with complete and customized services; strategic control remains to the customer.
    • IT Infrastructure Outsourcing
      ICT infrastructure, hardware resources flexible, secure, hosting and managed services, networks, servers, data centers, help desks.
  • Technical assistance

      With our services for technology infrastructure, we ensure our customers a constantly updated and integrated ICT environment, with the right technical support to users.
      The technical team of the Gruppo SCAI intervenes throughout the national territory, in the short term, with the utmost professionalism, competence and courtesy.

    • Installing new hardware
    • Configuration basic software
    • Integration into the company network
    • Maintenance hardware / software
    • Roll-out
    • Remote technical support
    • Technical support on-site
    • Help-desk of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd level