Multiplatform Mobile App

Thanks to the experience gained with the use of different enterprise-level frameworks, the Mobile Division has developed a new platform for rapid development of strong and solid Apps.

Source: 26/01/2015

Multiplatform Mobile App

Mobile devices are now the main means of access to information and online services. The rapid spread of smartphones and tablet, created a new ecosystem that enables new ways of doing business. Markets, solutions, services, methods, features of the Mobile Economy, are numerous: Mobile App, App Store, the Internet of Things, M2M, Mobile Internet, Mobile Marketing & Service, Mobile Payment & Commerce, mobile banking, etc.

Fast access to data and information, anywhere, and with various mobile devices and mobile Apps
Public and private companies look very carefully to the multiple new opportunities for interaction with users and customers, enabled by quick and customized data and information on the move. They are rapidly redesigning processes and reviewing the organization to provide employees, partners, suppliers, customers and users on different services more accessible with specific Mobile App.

With the development of mobile systems the interest of companies to interact with new people in new ways has grown. The Mobile Apps allow to create channels of communication and build customer loyalty by offering more personalized and technologically advanced services.

One of the most attentive sectors to mobility, it is definitely the Finance sector. Banks and insurance companies are rapidly re-formulating their offering, and they are substantially changing the approach to the market. Instead of providing standard services that theoretically work, they get more and more closer to the specific needs of each customer, to offer more personalized services, making mobile and multichannel Apps to meet different needs.

Other sectors are very interested in this new approach: Telecommunications, Transportation, Utilities, Media, Retail, department stores and others. The different business functions – marketing, ICT, front office – are increasingly working closely together to restructure processes and organization to offer new mobile services to customers. Services increasingly advanced technologically accessible via tablets and smartphones via the mobile app download to their device. To navigate the increasing amount of data are increasingly used very sophisticated business intelligence and big data analysis making it possible to interpret the needs of customers and their response to the new proposals.

Mobile App for employees, customers, partners, suppliers
Smartphones and tablets have reached the capacity of PC platforms and their usage enables employees, partners and suppliers to connect to corporate services on the move. Companies have long noted the phenomenon of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and, instead of preventing the use of these instruments, often decide to manage it effectively creating environments for smart working, Enterprise App and web stores that allow carry out different business activities from mobile devices, for task with high level of mobility.

Mobile Device Management: governance and security for companies
The challenge for IT is centralized control of access to information, to ensure data security, not compromising the best practices. Enterprise mobility is beneficial, but we need a good governance, with strategies for Mobile Device Management, establishing business platforms and App Store, which can promote productivity and efficiency while ensuring the security, from MDM BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) to COPE (Corporate Owned, Personally Enabled).

Infrastructure, networks and connectivity
At infrastructure level, the development of next-generation mobile networks (LTE, Long Term Evolution, the latest evolution of mobile telephony standard GSM / UMTS), allow fast and efficient ECU access to data and information on the move, and many public areas or public places (trains, stations, airports) are equipped with wi-fi or 3G network for navigation from different devices.

Solutions for enterprise mobility
The solutions for enterprise mobility, offered by Gruppo SCAI, help companies to allow employees to work well, providing secure access and immediate access to the resources they need. They also allow us to offer new services to customers, accessible via mobile App from smartphones and tablets.

A key feature of the Mobile App is usability. The Mobile App must be designed to facilitate easy access and easy use from any device, even with small screens and when operating conditions are not optimal. In addition, unlike traditional applications, a Mobile App should be simple and have a specified aim to respond timely to a specific and real need of the user, who must use them.

Gruppo SCAI helps companies and organizations to deal with innovation on mobile devices, according to different requirements with a methodological and structured approach to provide fast responses to market. We are able to design and produce mobile apps and web-native app for smartphones and tablets on the different mobile platforms (IoS, Android, Windows Phone) with maximum attention to the look & feel and usability. The Mobile App is high performance, even with slow networks, and capable to respond optimally on different mobile devices, browsers and systems available, even the most innovative.

Mobile Apps

  • App&GoIn + AdESmobile App platform to manage maintenance operations with Advanced Electronic Signature software
    Open ticket and loading initial data for digital intervention, mission status, loading of intervention data, evaluation, reporting and accountability;
  • App Welcomemobile App platform, for the management of admissions to events or recording, in reception of companies
    Registration / verification master data, input, output, partners, solutions of interest, sending documentation, scheduling of other actions.
  • SDMP – SMART Big Data Management Platform Smart Social Platform that gives companies “insights” low cost and high accuracy for traditional opinion polls, Big Data analysis and textual analysis on social media.
    It allows you to add and customize sources of web business content, exploring structured and unstructured data. Mobile App allow to probe the content of social media, analyzing keywords, relationships, perceptions, sentiment, helping to understand the social behavior of people (intent, interests, associations) and classify digital contexts:
    Facebook Gatherer, Smart Web & Date Capture, Sentiment Analyzer, Twitter Gatherer, Web Extractor, Article Extractor, Automatic News Extractor, Data Normalization, CSV Extractor, Extractor Excel, SQL Extractor, Product Crawler, Product Extractor, Data Cube Population, Entity Annotator, Google+ Gatherer, Rss Feed Gatherer, Meta Search Engine.