AdES – Advanced Electronic Signature

The graphometric signature on electronic devices(AdES) – on tablets and smartphones – enables the dematerialization of processes with significant savings, ensuring legal value to signed documents.

Source: 04/05/2015

The univocal identification of a person’s identity has always been important. Biometric technologies are intended to identify or verify the identity of people.

The context

Graphometric signature eliminates the physical storage, with significant savings in operating costs. On tablets and smartphones, the graphometric signature is one of the most used solution for businesses. Gruppo SCAI provides companies and institutions, a graphometric signature solution that is perfectly compliant with the laws relating to the Advanced Electronic Signature (AdES), that has to be:

  • uniquely linked to the signatory;
  • capable of identifying the signatory;
  • created using means that the signatory can maintain under his sole control;
  • linked to the data to which it relates, to enable the identification of any subsequent amendment.


Device equipped with tools for graphometric signature and software to create the “secret biometric” to encrypt data and save it as non-editable file, along with the digital document signed ensuring security, they are necessary elements to be comply with AdES standards.

Technical Rules

With the promulgation of the Technical Regulations (Prime Ministerial Decree February 22nd, 2013) that provide legal value to Advanced Electronic Signatures, the same value as a handwritten signature affixed to a paper document, the market has become even more effervescent.


Gruppo SCAI experts are closely following all the working groups, where the guidelines relating to full paperless processes are discussed and decided. In these groups the legal value of the advanced electronic signature (AdES) is a keystone.

Dematerialization end-to-end

Today graphometric signature engages the real dematerialization process end-to-end, which eliminates the need for manual operations related to the paper, with considerable savings in terms of times and costs, even for those without a qualified certificate.

The benefits are many:

  • Dematerialization: documents are created digitally, with legal value
  • Reduction of physical archives and related costs
  • Significant saving for paper, supplies and other related costs
  • Reduction of the time spent on each client during the signing process and customer service improvements
  • Reduction of time for managing archives and related costs


There are many possible uses and applications for the AdES (graphometric signature) solution, in different areas:

    • Healthcare – Health care companies, hospitals, clinics, they all need an efficient administrative organization, that is often managed by signing several paper forms, whose storage is expensive. The documents signed with electronic graphometric signature, may reside on a single electronic archive.
    • Banks – Financial institutions can achieve great benefits and savings with this solution. The need for dematerialization is deeply felt. Typically the signatures are affixed to paper documents, and after the subscription they are stored in a physical archive, with great waste of money. The graphometric signature saves paper, time and physical space, providing a significantly improved service to the Customer.
    • Insurance – Insurance companies generate lots of paper documents to be signed for each transaction and insurance policy, with expensive storage costs. The solution of dematerialization with graphometric signature, enables the agent to directly collect the sign on the tablet, allowing to create a full electronic archive system, that results in considerable cost savings with increased efficiency.
    • Public Administration – The archives of public bodies are overloaded with paper documentation that exponentially increases. The solution of dematerialization with graphometric signature, allows the Public Administration to save money, improving efficiency and relations with the public, by obtaining electronic documents with full legal value.
    • Courts, law and professional firms – The legal sector with other professionals are adopting graphometric signature solutions with dematerialization proceedings for signature. Thousands of paper folders can be converted into a digital documents, that enables quick, timely and accurate retrieval of files and information.
    • Telecommunications – providers of TLC services have many clients who sign contracts manually on paper. The graphometric signature solution allows dematerialization processes that can be easily integrated to create centralized electronic files.
    • Other – The application areas are numerous, for example in tourism market, car rentals, services to the public or in any business that requires the signature of documents.