Is it possible to archive a space reduction up to 90% for large volumes of historical data thanks to powerful compression algorithms?

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The amount of data managed by companies is growing exponentially, and they have to convert this huge volume of data, into usable information.

Source: Gruppo SCAI, Data Management Division, 25/11/2014

Data Management, compression and DataBase indexing

MDS +, the solution offered by Gruppo SCAI

MDS + – Massive Data Search Plus – it is a solution of DB comprehension, search and data recovery in real time. It was designed to bridge the gap between information and action. It is a complete combination of a powerful search technology with management and research tools, capable of compressing large volumes of data.

Data Management: MDS + provides effective search capabilities. Data Management: The ability to make the information available within seconds (instead of hours or days), together with tools to maximize the user experience, it is what lies behind the success of MDS +.

MDS + is a technologically advanced solution for Data Management, that uses the powerful proprietary compression algorithm HPBS (High Performance Bit Shrinker) to store in a reduced space up to 90%, large volumes of historical data.

  • Proven technology that delivers power and performance with exponential scalability, virtually infinite.
  • Basic platform that can be used without problems with different data formats, languages and technologies.

Data Management Software. With the ability to reuse, for current and future needs of the company, depending on the requirements, MDS + offers exceptional search functionality with a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than competing products, without affecting everyday tasks.

The starting points for the idea

  • Large Historical archives (billions of records occupying terabytes of storage space)
  • Frequently used queries, usually in a batch mode, with processing times higher with orders of magnitude of tens of hours
  • Management of stable data with access keys a priori defined

The design solution

  • Compression of archives up to 90% of the space
  • Possibility to make queries on the compressed archive data with times reduced up to 70%
  • Flexibility in the design of solutions with different tools
  • Cross-platform engine, applicable in different application and projects areas with vertical interface or integration to the internal system.


Despite the direct costs, generally related to space, CPU, and I / O, are intended to go down, indirect costs related to personnel, infrastructure, organization, they are destined to increase.

The benefits

  • Tangible benefits: concrete cost savings
  • Intangible benefits: can be flexibility in choice processes, service improvement, risk reduction for long elaborations with less diversion of resources from the core business.
  • Possible reuse of the kernel for other business processes.

To learn more, visit the presentation page of the solution,  MDS +