Credit Management and Customer Relationship

immagine Credit Management e Customer Relationship

Wish to improve your working capital? It’s time to get better communications with your Customers. This is the “Customer Intimacy”. Gruppo SCAI has made available also in Italy OnGuard Connext, a leading software solution in the market for credit management, used in more than 40 countries by more than 850 companies and 12,000 daily users worldwide.

Source: SCAI Capital, On Guard Credit Managemente Comptence Center, 27/05/2015

Abstract: market needs

  • In recent years, a growing number of companies have liquidity problems caused by credit restrictions and delay in payments.
  • A good relationship with customers and suppliers, it is a key element for the success of the business.
  • There is therefore a clear need for a software solution that can help companies operating in B2B to better manage working capital and customer relationships.

OnGuard Connext: credit management software

  1. With OnGuard Connext the paradigm of the “networking world”, it is applied with a software solution for credit management for customers and invoice collection, that allows companies to recover working capital and, at the same time, to improve customer relationships.
  2. OnGuard Connext, Gruppo SCAI makes available in Italy the new version of the very successful software OnGuard, that reflects the philosophy of Customer Intimacy for a better interpretation of Credit Management: attention to the DSO (Days of Sales Outstanding or Average Collection Time), with also attention to the relationship with the Customer.
  3. . OnGuard Connext is the ideal solution for managing credit, regardless of the size of the business, as long as the customer retention is at the center!
    From large multinational group, up to a local company, the team of SCAI Capital with OnGuard it is able to ensure the benefits of Customer Intimacy.

OnGuard Connext and Customer Intimacy

Managing the pending credit, it is also an activity of communication and customers’ behavior analysis. This is what we call Customer Intimacy and it is proved that it leads to better financial and operational results with optimization of working capital.
The best result comes with the right approach: get closer to your customers.

OnGuard Connext is the optimal software solution for Credit Management

Can you imagine a situation where, while referring to your debtors, actually you think at them (always!) as customers? Cultivating a strong customer relationships is the key to optimizing the performance of Credit Management.

Payments over deadline, jeopardize the good relationship with customers: with OnGuard Connext the issue of Credit Management is finally resolved.

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