Big Data & Analytics, to transform data into information: the best platforms

To deal with Big Data, it is necessary having a methodological and structured approach. Transforming data into useful information requires skills, experience and technologies.

Source: Gruppo SCAI – Big Data Division, 12/06/2015

Big Data: Gruppo SCAI offers companies the required expertise to transform data into useful information for developing business

Big Data & Analytics: capturing data from heterogeneous sources and managing them well, to transform them into useful information for taking strategic and operating decisions. The challenge is to manage the huge amount of data and information available to companies, in an increasingly interconnected world in the middle of digital revolution era. Business companies and institutions, public or private, can use multiple information sources – from different business applications like CRM / ERP / SRM – or available on the web by social networks, e-mail, or other sources; data are coming from heterogeneous sources and therefore they are for often unstructured. In this context Gruppo SCAI offers companies the necessary expertise and solutions for Big Data & Analytics to transform data into useful information. This allows to better understand the phenomena, interpreting market trends and improve the business, achieving competitive advantages.

Platforms based on Hadoop Big Data

With Hadoop, which has become the de facto standard, companies can create value from large amounts of data with parallel processing. We help to use Hadoop for processing / analyzing complex data in distributed environments, to extract business information. We offer solutions for enterprise deployments, with distributed and reliable processing of the data, scalable for large data sets, and other enterprise components, which guarantee safety, great availability and easy integration. With this platform, companies can find value in large volumes of data, not previously used. From a technical point of view, the proposed solutions allow a parallel processing of large amounts of data on standard servers, which store / process data, scaling without limit and without the need for special hardware.

Smart Data Management Platform. Big Data? Smart architecture.

Gruppo SCAI offers a platform for Smart Data Management available in the cloud. We realized that companies are doing all they can to create Big Data architectures, using the various structures currently available, but often this is not enough. What is needed is smart, a highly scalable architecture that, besides the ability to gather, merge, consolidate, store and manage Big Data from web and enterprise systems, structured and unstructured ones, also have the ability to process explicit data semantics (for example: extraction of semantic annotations, natural language processing) and implicit data semantics (for example: machine learning, inference).

  • Cloud Base Semantic Technology

    The Smart Data Management Platform offered by Gruppo SCAI, is based on a cloud-based semantic technology for managing Big Data and their transformation into Smart Data with different characteristics: the ability of data management, NoSQL and NewSQL, management semantics of texts and unstructured data, data capture / semantic-based information extraction, transformation tools and alignment data, search algorithms and analysis of big data, workflow solutions for Big Data management, use via the cloud.

  • Smart Data Management Platform

    Our Smart Data Management Platform proposal is a PaaS (Platform as a Service) available in cloud “Smart Data Management” that allows to design and perform a Contextual Processing Workflow, a process organized to acquire, transform, align, operate query and to do analysis of data from heterogeneous sources, considering their content and context.

  • Contextual workflow

    SDMP platform is based on the concept of Contextual Workflow, in other words the possibility of defining compositions of mobile and web APP / Services specialized in acquiring, integrate, harmonize and analyzing data, structured and unstructured information, from heterogeneous sources. It fits digital ecosystem of companies and gives the ability control the variety of Big Data to extract valuable information in real-time, ensuring high performance both in volumes and speed.

  • Scalable Architecture

    Thanks to its highly scalable architecture and a agnostic approach scheme, our Smart Data Management Platform enables the development of flexible and agile solutions for Smart Data, without the need for professional profiles often not provided in the corporate teams (data scientists, information architect, ontologist, taxonomist, machine-learning expert).
    On top of the platform three solutions to the “business application” specifications have been developed: Data Capture, Holistic Intelligence, Data Harmonization with Analytics.

  • Web and traditional contents

    The Social Marketing tries to combine traditional public opinion polls (based on demographics structured and unstructured texts of opinion) with web and social media content analyzing keywords, entities, topics, profiles, patterns, correlations, perceptions and sentiments.

  • Connection and Mash-up

    Smart Social Platform allows you connect and create a mash-up of structured data, with entities and concepts emerging from unstructured sources to understand the social behavior of people (intent, interests, associations) and digital contexts (contextual classification). To achieve these objectives it is possible to use different Apps.

  • Mobile app

    The logical architecture of the proposed platform, it is given by a series of App with a modular arrangement and parameters, that define the way in which the “Smart Data” are generated (for example: a sentiment analysis on Twitter it is different from a price analysis of some products on e-commerce websites), and how they are used for creating report to the user or to supply with data existing analysis systems.

      The App is an acquisition task that allows to collect and post comments to messages from Facebook, select a specific page or just searching a text in any post on Facebook
      The App is based on a technology of web scraping and data capture from documents, highly scalable, that makes it very easy to accurately extract data from web pages and documents of any kind.
      The App is a task of normalization that allows to recognize feelings from selected fields in sentences.
      The App is an acquisition task for gathering tweets from the social networking platform Twitter, by selecting users or hashtags or simply by searching text in any published tweet (for example a company name).
      The App is an acquisition task for extracting different kind of information – such as product records, news, comments and other details – for example from e-commerce websites, online media or other sources.
    • OTHER APPs
      Website Article Extractor, Automatic News Extractor, Data Normalization, CSV Extractor, Extractor Excel, SQL Extractor, Product Crawler, Product Extractor, Data Cube Population, Entity Annotator, Google+ Gatherer, RSS Feed Gatherer, Meta Search Engine.