OmniChannel Big Data Analytics Platforms

Gruppo SCAI - OmniChannel Platforms & Big Data Analytics - DataManager November 2015

OmniChannel Big Data Analytics Platforms. Web application client oriented, MVC pattern and data binding framework for multi-channel digital customer-oriented services.

 DataManager – Information & Communication Technology Professional Magazine – n° 408 november 2015 | Data Manager Online

OmniChannel Big Data Analytics Platforms

In the digital economy, in an increasingly connected world where web services, mobility and Big Data are dominant paradigms, it is important to understand Customer expectations – what he thinks, what he is looking for, what he expects – in order to offer a single, integrated web user experience. Companies need reliable ICT partners, offering the best technology solutions with the right architectural approach, to better respond to these needs

Gruppo SCAI and the multichannel systems

“Gruppo SCAI, with over 1600 employees, is a network of companies, and one of the first Italian system integrators. Companies in every industry rely on SCAI network to find the best solutions. With technological know-how on strategic architectures, IT systems and, in particular, the experience of IT Euro Consulting, we are at the forefront of multi-channel systems” says Massimiliano Cipolletta, CEO of Gruppo SCAI.

Open Bank and OmniChannel Architecture

“We operate in all sectors but is the finance, particularly dynamic and innovative, that involved us in the most demanding projects,” continues Cipolletta. Among the successful solutions proposed by the Gruppo SCAI, there are those related to the “Open Bank” world, an eco-system that allows banks to strengthen the digital offering, both B2C and B2B. “The dominant technological scenarios in the finance sector for the coming years will be strongly influenced by the growing customers propensity of using digital channels. To deal with the evolutionary path of the access from multiple channels with different devices – PCs, smartphones, tablets, … – banks are integrating IT infrastructure with Omni-Channel technologies. Secure platforms, robust and scalable, with Open APIs, which allow you to use more than one channel, to perform banking transactions, making available information, during the execution.

New front-end development, open APIs, caching and memory data grid

“The traditional web applications are not quite reactive. The speed, essential in web transactions, is not optimal. Client centric Front-End, open APIs, memory caching and data grid, they are the tools we use to propose a technologically advanced and open ICT architecture, that is necessary to provide a unique user experience, which creates proximity and strong brand-experience. Web application client oriented, architectural MVC (Model View Controller) pattern and data binding framework offer maximum scalability, instant answers, strong interoperability. An ecosystem of applications that makes very easy the interaction between heterogeneous data and enables to increase the digital offering, quickly and with the maximum security level, introducing new apps and inoovative value services”continues the CEO.

Big Data & Data Analytics

“An ecosystem based on architectural platforms of this type, with User-Centered Design, also allows to use Business Intelligence and Big Data Analytics to create new and more sophisticated business models, based on real-time forecasts of customer’s behavior and it improves the conversion rate thanks to parallel computing that optimizes the IT infrastructure. It is also easier to detect fraud and thwart security threats, while preserving the integrity and protecting the data. The solutions of Gruppo SCAI provide optimum user experience while minimizing responding times, with greater customer engagement ” concludes Cipolletta.