Telco and mobile operators have typical functional areas: billing, service assurance, CRM, payments, revenue assurance, all closely linked to network traffic.

The Telecommunications sector (or Telco or Tlc) is composed of companies focused on offering cable connectivity services (ADSL, fiber-optic, etc.) or wireless and Internet Service Providers (ISP). Telcos have created the network infrastructure to provide services – voice, audio-video real-time, data transfer – to both companies and private clients.

For telecommunications industry and mobile operators, besides network (telecommunication systems), the ICT area is also very important: specific skills are required to guarantee complete control and the best efficiency of connectivity services provided, as well as punctual and correct invoicing. The Billing area is particularly conditioned by the need to digitalize and focus company strategies on clients, in a one-to-one marketing strategy.

Focus On

Telecommunications – Billing

Telecommunications sector: besides the functional areas common to all companies, specific skills are required and specific BSS application solutions for those functional areas which are typical of Telco and other mobile operators such as billing, service assurance, CRM, payments, revenue assurance, all closely linked to multiple transactions along the various Business chains.
Telecommunications industry and in particular mobile operators, have to provide fast and efficient solutions to the changes and challenges brought by innovation.
Telecommunications industry: to respond to innovation challenges, digital transformation and structured control is always more important for Telcos and mobile operators. Besides revising business processes, it is necessary for these to create, a digital ecosystem, an open, omni-channel and scalable platform offering the possibility of integrating the diverse modular application solutions, that are specific for the various sectors.


Gruppo SCAI offers the Tlc division, and in particular fixed and mobile operators, solutions and services provided to all companies as well as strong business skills acquired through the years and operations managed. We have acquired strong knowledge of operating processes for the efficient provision of services as well as monitoring and control of economic factors. We can manage/analyze/propose corrections to improve performance.
We also propose BSS (Business Support System) modular solutions for Billing – integrated and linked with the platform of Network Monitoring (Ne.Mo.) for Telco.

All BSS solutions applied by Gruppo SCAI for mobile operators in the billing area are integrated with Nemo Telco, a common platform for all the various applications of the product. This platform is distinguished by very strong features:
Strong business control and Service Assurance, numerous automations to improve daily operations by reducing the possibilities of human error in both Operations and Revenue Assurance.
BSS Application solutions applied are:

  • CDR
  • System application logs
  • Process transactions (provisioning, banking payments, etc)

The BSS applications solutions used by Gruppo SCAI for mobile operators in the typical functional areas of Telco and Billing Mobile Operators allow for faster and better prevention of anomalies in Operations. This is thanks to a both quantitative and qualitative balance of data. The main difference between these two aspects is:

  • The first – quantitative – has a mainly numeric approach in measuring quantity in business processes;
  • While the second – qualitative – analyzes every single transaction along the chain, to identify every single error with accuracy.
The TLC-Billing application solutions respond to specific needs of telecommunication operators, and of mobile operators in particular, but they can also be customized and personalized to respond the requirements of other companies, such as utilities and transport, in diverse sectors (for example: Help Desk, banking payments, traffic monitoring/contracts/billing etc).



  • Gruppo SCAI - SCAI Connect - Ne.Mo. Network Monitoring Tool new release 20160421 750x500-

Network Monitoring – Ne.Mo., new release

21 April 2016

Ne.Mo. Network Monitoring carries out the monitoring of the performance of any IP network. New release! We are proud to announce the first free version!
  • Cyber Security Workshop in Warsaw Gruppo SCAI - SCAI Polska 29 october 2015 -20151029-750x500-3w

Cyber Security Workshop in Warsaw

9 November 2015

SCAI Polska at a Cyber Security Workshop in Warsaw about data security, electronic payments, online communication.
  • Il software di monitoraggio delle reti IP NeMo è utilizzato dai maggiori operatori delle telecomunicazioni, datacenter e da realtà attente alla connettività

Telecom Italy Sparkle has chosen SCAI Connect for IP networks monitoring

2 April 2015

The software monitoring tool for IP networks Ne.Mo. is used by major telecommunications operators, data center and companies that pay deep attention to connectivity


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