The development of networks and digital technologies, is an essential factor to build the communications of the future: access to corporate resources from various mobile devices (BYOD), Augmented Reality, QR dynamic codes.

Mobile devices are nowadays the main instruments for access to information and web services. The increasing utilization of smartphones and tablets, along with the development of next-generation mobile networks (LTE), offer companies and organizations a new ecosystem (Mobile & App Economy) full of new business opportunities and interaction (mobile enterprise), with mobile business and App Store applications. BYOD and the Internet of Things, also open up new scenarios, increasing the channels and the possibility of interaction, thanks to the exchange of data and information with people and objects.

Public and private companies are rapidly redesigning their processes, by reviewing the organization to provide employees, partners, suppliers, customers and users, more services accessible with different specific Mobile Apps. Development opportunities are transversal and can touch every sector and every business need.

Focus On

Mobile App

The adoption of mobile technologies allows to increase efficiency offering new personalized services to customers, suppliers, partners and employees.
Smartphones, tablets and netbooks are increasingly universal business devices for a continuous exchange of data and information.
Mobile Apps, native and web-app, that we offer are designed for the latest mobile devices and are available on different platforms – iOS, Android and Windows Mobile. Development opportunities are transversal and can touch every sector, covering every business need.
Companies have long noted the phenomenon Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and, instead of preventing the use of these instruments, they often decide to manage it effectively by creating Smart Working environments, App Stores and Enterprise Apps, that allow to carry out various business activities from mobile devices, even with a high level of staff mobility.
Mobile Apps allow to renovate maintenance, personnel management and supply chain, along with sales processes to provide rapid services to new customers, building loyalty relationship. Web sites that are not suitable for small screen size, have to be redesigned.
Seizing new opportunities is not simple because technology, infrastructure and business requirements, change quickly. Therefore it is necessary having a partner that helps to transform mobility needs, into realities realizing quickly the Mobile Apps.


In the development of Apps, our Technology Lab has developed a structured and methodical approach, along with an enterprise-grade framework for rapid and secure development of mobile Apps, web and native Apps, for tablets and smartphones on different platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Phone).
The Mobile Division Gruppo SCAI offers companies a wide expertise in the creation of applications for mobile devices. We develop an ecosystem to support the development of the Apps that integrates Native technologies, with Hybrid ones and Mobile Web.
Technicians and experts of Mobile Division in Gruppo SCAI help IT and business enterprise managers, in particular marketing (Mobile Marketing) and HR (Working Smart), in the adoption of a single strategy for Enterprise Mobility, integrating real-time services, even in the cloud.
In the development of the mobile Apps we use frameworks, libraries and components for different mobile platforms, exposing the same set of APIs on each platform. We pushed on modularity, to simplify the development and maintenance of the Apps, reducing the complexity of code to write and harmonizing the structure, thus making it possible to integrate components of different nature and origin, in a short time.



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