A smart city uses collective intelligence to improve the quality of life of citizens, thanks to the data and information made available and accessible in different ways, according to the needs and requirements.

In smart cities, communication technologies (ICT), allow to distribute data and information to citizens in a dynamic way, thanks to hardware and software of the latest generation, with networked devices. There are now more mobile devices connected to mobile networks (including M2M) than inhabitants.

In 2020, the Internet of Things will be populated by 50 billion Internet-connected devices (smart objects) that will communicate with each other and with other systems. The global market for IoT solutions will to 7.1 trillion UD dollars in 2020 (IDC). More businesses will launch new connected services. It’s not only about things, it’s about services. Product will continue to exist, but only as portals into valuable service offering. 89 % of the new cars sold worldwide will have embedded connectivity by 2024 (Source: Analysis Mason). Many sectors will change. It will be necessary to develop new network systems for users’ daily needs, for sharing smart information in real-time.

Focus On

Internet of Things | Smart Objects

Smart cities use sensors and instruments of all kinds such as video cameras, telepass (ETC electronic toll collection), smart objects with RFID tags or NFC, mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, wearable).
They are the future of the Internet, a variety of different entities identified as Smart Objects (Internet of People, Things and Services): technology, people and skills, high value-added, devices with varying degrees of intelligence and sensors of various types, operators and users of services.


Gruppo SCAI offers its contribution to businesses, public bodies and involved entities by providing solutions, services and integration capabilities, for IoT projects.
Gruppo SCAI designs, manufactures and offers to organizations and individuals involved in Smart City projects, hardware and software solutions, services and integrated networks of smart objects, with the adoption of the most sophisticated technologies of the market and the best application practices, to create solutions and integrated services. Data and information generated and detected value, they become usable value in everyday actions to move smartly in digitized urban spaces.



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AIDC, RFID, NFC, smart label, Internet of Things

5 May 2015

Internet of Things, transmission and storage of data in objects, AIDC, RFID, NFC, QR Code: the answer to every need of conveying information
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Gruppo SCAI at TOSM with SCAI TEAM

14 November 2014

Gruppo SCAI presents SCAI TEAM, division specialized in offering "Smart Mobility & Logistics" for Transport, Energy, Environment Mobility


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