The graphometric signature on a digital document, allows the dematerialization and the subsequent digitalization process.

The graphometric signature is the most widespread system of Advanced Electronic Signature (AdES). It is a technology that uses sensors and biometrics, to ensure the authenticity of the signature and encryption to ensure their integrity. It allows to capture signatures simply, with a habitual gesture, from different devices (tablets and smartphones) guaranteeing the identity of the signer and the integrity/immutability of the signed digital documents.

The graphometric signature is used by banks and insurance companies, manufacturing companies, utilities, transport, retail, healthcare, government and all those organizations that may thus eliminate paper and digitize their processes with beneficial effects for savings, with improved efficiency.

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AdES | Graphometric signature

The graphometric signature is an enabling factor for the digitization process end-to-end of the cycle of documents and allows to replace the paper, for all contracts in respect of which the law requires the validity of the private writing agreement, with a strong reduction in cost management and for the archiving of documents.
The digitization projects with graphometric signature, lead to high savings with return on investment in less than a year.
The graphometric signature on a digital document, thanks to local regulations (DCPM February 22, 2013), has the same legal effect of a signature on paper and allows the complete digitization of the processes.


Gruppo SCAI helps companies and organizations to benefit from the significant advantages that may result from the process of dematerialization, helping them to focus their attention on the validity and security of hardware and software, with integration into existing systems.
We offer complete turnkey projects, to introduce the graphometric signature and security-flow in business processes with integration into existing systems.



  • Document Management Workshop a Varsavia, 7 0ttobre 2015 - Gruppo SCAI - SCAI Polska - e-Doc-750x500w

Document Management Workshop in Warsaw

9 October 2015

An opportunity to explore document management systems (DMS), electronic documents (e-Doc), dematerialisation of document flows
  • news_fea-firma-grafometrica-dematerializzazione_GruppoSCAI_900x600

AdES – Advanced Electronic Signature

4 May 2015

The graphometric signature on tablet and smartphone eliminates the physical storage and is among the most widely used solutions for Advanced Electronic Signature.


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