The number of users of electronic payment services, is growing also in Italy. It is essential provide users with fraud protection through innovative technological solutions, in accordance with the regulatory framework.

Nowadays the speed and security of payments, along with the ability to buy anywhere and with different devices, are the foundation of a sustainable and modern economy, that should learn using less and less cash because of high costs preferring to use more credit/debit cards, (ATMs) and electronic cash. The market is ready for the take off of new services that promise convenience, speed and simplicity in many areas of everyday life.

E-payments and mobile payments. One out of three users, nowadays has a smartphone equipped with NFC technology (Near Field Communication). It is possible to pay for the coffee or to make shopping simply bringing the phone near an enabled POS, but it also possible to validate a bus ticket, rent a car or a bike, open a door or pay for parking: the list of opportunities is only limited by creativity. Technology is no longer a limit, as confirmed by many experimental and commercial projects already on going in Italy and in the world.

Focus On


By several parties there is a strong push towards the promotion of electronic payments systems (through the use of credit, debit and prepaid cards) for small daily expenses. The cooperation agreement signed between the Consortium Customer to Business Interaction (CBI) and the Italian Association of Payment Institutions (AIIP), is pointing in the same direction.
Institutes of Payment and electronic money, they are a growing reality in the Italian market, representing more and more an opportunity for the development of electronic payment services (telematic) and the digitalization of the country.
The agreement between the consortium CBI and AIIP, aims to implement projects designed to promote the development and dissemination of telematic services for payment. There will be carried out, and started some projects for facilitating the full operation of payment institutions and e-money in the delivery of CBI services.
In the present scenario, collaboration and strategic competition are driving forces, to further improve the offering of products and services of e-payment for customers. The CBI considers the entry of new players, competing on the basis of common rules, an element of greater efficiency in the sector.


Strong skills on acquiring systems. Development, maintenance and compliance of “pricing – operator” systems. Complete control of the ATM area with large projects in terms of design, development, maintenance, compliance over front-end and back-end systems. Extensive experience in all matters relating to the back-end of the new Credit Cards issuing.
Thanks to functional expertise and cutting-edge technologies, with particular reference to the Web and Mobile, we were able to build prototypes, develop and test some innovative payment solutions on physical and virtual channels. We have developed applications that allow payment acceptance through innovative mobile devices (smartphone / tablet as a POS).
Methodologies and techniques for the protection of digital identity in the electronic payment services. Study of advanced techniques:

  • IDMS User / server centric
  • Biometric Devices and trusted devices
  • Interfaces security and OTP authentication
  • Trust Reputation-based Authentication
  • Identity management on a large scale



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