We made several vertical stores, dedicated to very important brands, forming a team of resources with specific skills.

Direct sales on the web through e-commerce websites, are growing rapidly and it is easy to predict that before long, this mode of purchasing may become prevalent. The e-commerce is increasingly ruled by the Dot Coms (Amazon, eBay, Expedia) which have more than half of the market in Italy, but still remain more spaces for traditional businesses than in other countries that have a bigger share and on this matter should invest more.

Among the main sectors involved there are transportation, retail, and also insurance. The mobile channel grows with purchases through App or Msite and B2C purchases from smartphones and tablets in Italy, they are grown in 2014 up to 20% (strong growth compared with 2013 when it was 14%).

Focus On


We need a major overhaul of corporate strategies in order to exploit the great potential offered by e-commerce.
The work includes analysis of the current situation and the definition of objectives to be achieved.
Direct sales on the web, through websites of e-commerce, are steadily growing and it is easy to predict that before long this mode of purchase may become prevalent.


Gruppo SCAI supports its customers to identify the best solution to quickly get interesting results. The work includes analysis of the current situation and the definition of objectives to be achieved. These translate into changes on the visibility of the companies’ web site review, the preparation of e-commerce functions and the necessary communication actions and ADV.
We offer complete projects, implemented with the client and, if required, the outsourced management, in this way our customers can focus on their business, taking from the web and e-commerce only the benefits.
For e-commerce management (shopping cart management, payments, wishlist, payments, etc.), mostly B2C, we use open source software like Magento, WooCommerce, PrestaShop and others. We made vertical stores dedicated to very important brands, and formed a team of resources with specific skills, capable to support clients in project activities and maintenance.
For the creation of websites, we use expertise in web interface design, web development, content management. Technical expertise of CMS, plugin, custom frameworks in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP. The web architects, involved in the study of infrastructures, take care of the choice of CMS for the site, the e-commerce software, plug-ins and integration with outside world, and they also have expertise in at least one of the two web referring technologies, Microsoft .Net and J2EE.
For the active management of the portals we provide specialists of SEO, SEM, ADV, Web Analysis, social media marketing.


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