Companies are thinking about how to use technology to develop the business, trying to maximize the potential of the current trend and open new opportunities thanks to digital innovation.

Digital innovation e business transformation. Technological development has radically changed the way companies produce and communicate: the fourth industrial revolution led the ICT to the center. Procedures, processes and exchanges are now virtualized. Before there was the transition from automation to computerization, and now from dematerialization to digitization.
Digital innovation: the digitization of information is a fundamental pillar in the economic and social development. It allows companies to offer customers (and to the network of partners and suppliers) new services and to improve existing ones.

Focus On

Digital Innovation

Digital innovation and business transformation: in the digital revolution era the aspect of business is changing deeply. IT becomes the focal point, an indispensable tool to achieve business goals – cost savings, infrastructure improvement, optimization of business processes – and a way to get more efficiency in the use of services with different technological devices and software applications, always more complex and also multi-channel.
In order to make a business process more efficient and functional, information intelligence and the digitization of information, become digital intelligence: companies, business processes, services, people sharing data and information.
Digital innovation and business transformation: Big Data, Cloud, Mobility and IoT, concerns all organizations and for this reason they are deploying more and more pervasive solutions for the digitization of information. The digital transformation of companies allows no more delays, and now it is an essential step. In any case it is not enough to just update applications and IT infrastructure.
The digital transformation involves not only technology and it is not just a matter of strategic vision. It is a challenge that involves every area of the company. The digital innovation, to become business transformation it requires new skills and professionalism needed to interpret the most of new opportunities, designed to meet the necessary change with a real innovation processes and the entire supply. It is increasingly important to hire a reliable partner to deal with change in a short time to acquire the necessary needed skills.


Gruppo SCAI is the ideal partner to support the digital transformation of companies. We provide the skills necessary for a rapid process of ICT innovation, capable to give effective differentiation on business market, with business transformation. The digital transformation is well beyond the traditional silos application, entering into the necessary integration and digital innovation processes of the entire company.
Gruppo SCAI helps companies in the necessary path of digital revolution. This process goes through innovative tools and solutions: software-defined networking, converged cloud infrastructure, enabling technologies and the hybrid computing with complete digitalization end-to-end process.



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