Gartner predicts that by the year 2018 more than half of the companies will use services of companies specialized in data protection, security risk management, management of IP network security and IT infrastructures.

Security threats and cybercrime activities are changing, adapting quickly to enterprise systems, which evolve by opening to sharing applications with mobile devices, cloud computing technologies and web services. Social, Mobile, IoT, technologies and their use, expose networks and business systems to new threats. In addition to targeted attacks, damage and block the assets, cyber criminals today are pointing especially to the data and the potential risk should not be underestimated.

We must not forget that the worst threats often come from within the organizations, through negligence or lack of awareness of the dangers to the integrity of data and information, or are determined to be wrong choices of IT governance.
Data management & security and protection of corporate networks from threats: IT security is increasingly becoming a real cross-sectional business process, which must be integrated into company strategy.

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Focus On

Data Management & Digital Security

Data Management & Digital Security: in addition to protecting corporate network and resources (server files, storage, virtual machines, networks), it is necessary to protect data wherever they are, while making them accessible from different devices and access points. Established phenomena as BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), mobility and cloud, require the necessary security solutions: networking and wireless security policies, data management & security policy.

Data management & digital security: for companies, it is necessary to protect networks, and data resources, while making them accessible. The data are an important resource.
In a rapidly evolving field, with radical changes in the structure of the IT environment, more and more open to the web services and multi-platform sharing, information security have to evolve by adopting new models of digital innovation and to develop new paradigms, oriented by concepts of smart security for enterprise data protection.

Data Management & Digital Security: The enterprise IT infrastructures are becoming increasingly complex and open. Companies and organizations must adopt new policies to prevent the damage and to protect data and information. The adoption of mobile and cloud, pushes to security solutions (Information Security, Endpoint Protection, Event Management, Data Loss Prevention, Mobile Security, Encryption, Risk Management) capable to manage multiple levels and integrate other solutions with centralized management and control.


Gruppo SCAI offers companies and organizations their products and international market solutions, in order to ensure the two principles of the Logical Security: protection of communication (systems of encryption, strong authentication and data compression) and protection of information (access control and data protection).
Companies need partners with expertise in IT security that can help them in data protection, taking into consideration individual needs and organizational methods of processes, to identify vulnerabilities and propose corrective action with the best solutions. Our Competence Center is able to formulate the best proposal, using APIs and encryption tools, DB compression with solution as MBM, CODEC, MDS + and advanced electronic signature and graphometric signature technologies.
Together with the expertise gained in the implementation and development of the products in our laboratories, Gruppo SCAI collaborates with the world leaders in the field. A strong point is certainly our great integration capacity with the possibility to provide products, supported by any type of platform.

We support companies supporting them in various fields related to data and information security:

  • Definition of requirements for regulatory compliance of digital services and electronic payment,
  • Identification of risk profiles of users, systems and services risks analysis and identification of appropriate countermeasures to prevent attacks (malware, ransomware etc.),
  • Digital identity protection solutions,
  • Forensic analysis and post-accident identity protection.

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  • Gruppo SCAI - SCAI Connect - Ne.Mo. Network Monitoring Tool new release 20160421 750x500-

Network Monitoring – Ne.Mo., new release

21 April 2016

Ne.Mo. Network Monitoring carries out the monitoring of the performance of any IP network. New release! We are proud to announce the first free version!
  • Gruppo SCAI - SCAI Polska – Conference on guidelines for digitization in Poland for 2016 -2020 - 20160218 -750x500-2w

Digitization in Poland, guidelines 2016-2020

23 February 2016

Dematerializzation, e-government, networking & tlc, cybersecurity, banking system: offering of SCAI Polska - Gruppo SCAI
  • Cyber Security Workshop in Warsaw Gruppo SCAI - SCAI Polska 29 october 2015 -20151029-750x500-3w

Cyber Security Workshop in Warsaw

9 November 2015

SCAI Polska at a Cyber Security Workshop in Warsaw about data security, electronic payments, online communication.
  • Il software di monitoraggio delle reti IP NeMo è utilizzato dai maggiori operatori delle telecomunicazioni, datacenter e da realtà attente alla connettività

Telecom Italy Sparkle has chosen SCAI Connect for IP networks monitoring

2 April 2015

The software monitoring tool for IP networks Ne.Mo. is used by major telecommunications operators, data center and companies that pay deep attention to connectivity


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