Companies need to manage IP networks and increasingly complex infrastructure to ensure information security.

Cybersecurity & Networking: in an increasingly interconnected and networked world, with ultra broadband and wireless networks, it seems pretty obvious to access direct connections between different devices and network services more and more mission critical. However, if the connection is not optimal, there may be problems with the continuity of the business and this can result in significant losses for the company. Today the center of the functionality of IT infrastructure and IP network is no longer just the simple transport and distribution of packages and traffic, but the dynamic management of resources, services and applications in the cloud.

In this scenario it is increasingly strategic the monitoring of IP networks to avoid the risks associated with loss of connectivity. IT and telecom are the pillars on which the society of digital communication stands: applications, DB, services and solutions or Telco, it is necessary that the network infrastructure is secure, reliable, monitored and appropriately sized.

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Cybersecurity & Networking

Ultra broadband along with several types of cloud services are spreading as an integral part of business infrastructure. Wireless systems continues to replace wired ones. The bandwidth is doubling every ten months. Mobile app operate on at least two or three platforms. Gartner estimates that by the year 2020 IoT will consist of about twenty-five billion devices (other speculate 10 billion in smart objects network by 2018 and 50 billion by 2020). Companies need to pay close attention to cybersecurity & networking to ensure connectivity, uptime and security of data, applications and IP networks.
Cybersecurity & Networing: cloudbursting, public cloud, hybrids and personal involve a wider sharing of services delivered over IP networks, with implications for management and security.
Cybersecurity & Networking: Industrial Control Systems (ICS9) are implementing IP networks up to the checkpoints and measurement. The issue of security is very important.
Cybersecurity & Networking: IP networks and enterprise infrastructures, have to follow new dynamics and technological developments. This has led to new network devices that have been added to switches and routers.
Cybersecurity and Networking: IP networks have to be designed in accordance with the information security policies and they have to be constantly monitored to prevent risks for enterprise security, ready to deal with any attacks or threats.
Cybersecurity and Networking: it is estimated that in business companies the amount of information doubles every 18 months, and applications every 4 years. With the growth of data and applications, there is an increasing number of challenges to ensure security and continuity. The continuity of operations must be ensured and problems like dysfunctions IT, human errors and cyber attacks, as far as possible, have to be prevented. IDC estimates that for large companies the economic impact per hour of unavailability of IT infrastructure amounted to $ 100,000 and for critical IT application can get to 1 million $ (interruption of processes and image damage). Retail companies, according to a survey IDC, have suffered an average of 6.2 attacks per year, and 2.2 get over the defenses from 6 to almost 11 hours. It has to pay therefore the maximum attention on cyber security and networks and put in place the necessary measures to prevent threats and risks and avoid downtime.


– Cybersecurity & Networking: Gruppo SCAI offers qualified technical expertise to optimize the management and monitoring of IP networks and related equipment. The IP networks specialists of Gruppo SCAI, many of which are Cisco and Jupiter certified, provide since many years connectivity and IP networks services for major TLC operators.
Cybersecurity & Networking: Gruppo SCAI offers integration services, design and implementation of infrastructure with solutions for monitoring IP networks and equipment system, to ensure the security of networks, systems and applications ensuring the operational continuity of business applications.
Among the customers of Gruppo SCAI there are Data Centers, the main telecommunications companies in Italy and corporations for which, for reasons of size or requirements for reliability, IP network control, data security and continuity together with the quality of IT services, are important factors in the process of business, and therefore they focus their attention on connectivity as a strategic asset.
Our lab, along with several R&D activities, is developing Cyber Security Intelligence Systems for identifying new potential attack scenarios through evolving analyzes of risk models for digital services and payment systems.
The Cybersecurity Competence Center activities are specifically related to three specific domain areas:
• End-User Protection:
• Digital Services and Payment Systems Protection
• Safe Dematerialization



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The information technology and telecommunications, they are the pillars on which rests the society of digital communication. SCAI Connect offers companies operating in telecommunications, data centers and companies that pay attention to connectivity, expertise in telecommunications network management and IP infrastructure


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