Foreign exchange risk from purchases or sales on international markets, interest rate risk resulting from financing sources, commodity risk of price of raw materials market.

Companies and organizations have to identify and evaluate risks in response to changes with risk management strategies in an effective way. In the context of finance, the goal of financial risk management strategies of the CFOs, in industrial and commercial companies, it is focused on the preservation of the company’s operating profitability for a sufficient period of time to take the necessary counter-measures, to cope with the changed in exchange rates, changes in the prices of raw materials or fluctuations of interest rates. The financial risk concerns in particular those companies that are most exposed for trades in foreign currency or debt.

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Corporate Financial Risk

The identification, measurement and management of financial risk of the company, are primary objectives of business companies. The risk of changes in interest rates, the exchange rates of foreign currencies or commodity prices, can be effectively immunized through the purchase / sale contracts, or through the use of financial instruments “derivatives”, simple (Plain vanilla), or more complex instruments that need to be properly monitored and managed.
The management of foreign exchange risk, interest rates and commodities, with the implementation of IAS 39, it is a particularly complex matter, which involves a significant evolution in the finance area, and in accounting.


Gruppo SCAI has strong expertise in the implementation of application solutions in finance business (corporate finance). We put together the Italian excellence in financial management tools to offer companies the best solutions, based on real needs: foreign exchange risk resulting from purchases and sales on international markets, interest rate risk from financing sources, risk of fluctuations in commodity prices.
Gruppo SCAI has created the most powerful and versatile application, for the management of financial risks, Dianos Dealer Wizard, which has been integrated with the best software to create a robust and flexible tool-box, which can also provide solutions to the most complex needs.
Dianos Dealer Wizard (DDW) and the full range of expertise offered by Gruppo SCAI, are designed to enable No Financial Companies (NFC) of any size or sector, to full management of financial market risk: our experience is at your disposal.



  • Corporate Financial Risk Management: la suite Dianos Dealer Wizard di SCAI Capital, Gruppo SCAI

Corporate Financial Risk Management

2 December 2014

Dianos Dealer Wizard allows corporate to manage in a complete, automated and flexible way, all financial instruments, including the most complex, with instruments of Deal Management, Risk Analysis and Management of covers, offering useful tools for decision support


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