Companies that pay attention to financial balance and liquidity operating in B2B, frequently adopt instruments of credit and cash management.

The credit management (or working capital management) is becoming increasingly important for companies that pay attention to the financial balance and safeguarding of liquidity. All recent surveys agree in pointing out that the percentage of firms that concentrate their attention on working capital has doubled in a few years. The process of operational management of commercial credit considers the different phases of the Credit Policy: definition, prevention, management and recovery.

Our experience has led us to observe a widespread fragility in the tools supporting the active cycle, with both systems approach ‘one fits all’ (single supplier) and ‘best of breed’.

Focus On

Corporate Credit Management

Good operating practices and tools of new generation have allowed more than 60% of European companies to improve working capital management.
The organizational changes, with a more direct involvement of top management (as CFO), combined with the diffusion of the role of the credit manager and the formalization of the role of Collector, have made credit management more effective.
Especially for companies in the B2B sector, with large volumes of invoices and margins relatively limited, the speeding up of collections is vital. We have to take extreme care in customer relationship.
The analysis of creditworthiness, cannot be exhausted in an investigation one-off, but it requires constant attention to customer behavior, with the consequent need to collect and analyze large volumes of data with ad hoc tools.


Gruppo SCAI has strong expertise in corporate finance: we are dealing with risk management since over twenty five years. The collaboration between Gruppo SCAI and OnGuard was created to bring directly to Italian companies winning tools and operational practices. The approach of OnGuard to Credit Management is in perfect harmony with our vision and responding optimally to the peculiarities of the Italian companies. It is no coincidence that the prestigious Dutch software, a synthesis of over 20 years of experience, has already been adopted in Italy by multinational groups.
The model of “customer intimacy” proposed by the solution, that allows flexibility and attention to the creditor companies, quickly leads to tangible financial results. Even within the company, it improves the relationship between sales, customer care, treasury and finance.



  • SCAI Capital, OnGuard e ACMI sostengono la diffusione del Codice dei Pagamenti Responsabilii

Responsible payment of commercial credits

19 February 2015

SCAI Capital, OnGuard, ACMI are supporting the Code of Ethics for commercial credits payment
  • Gruppo-SCAI-con-OnGuard-Credit_Management_al_Congresso_ACMI_16_0ttobre_2014

OnGuard Credit Management software at ACMI Congress

16 October 2014

SCAI Capital Congress ACMI, Italian Association of Credit Managers, presents the software OnGuard
  • SCAI-Capital-OnGuard-software-for-credit-management---ACMI---Associazione-Credit-Manager-Italiani---ACMI-Day-25-giugno-2014,-Milano-460x300-web-2w-

SCAI Capital at ACMI Day: Credit Management & Cash Allocation

25 June 2014

SCAI Capital and OnGuard actively support those who conducts business based on moral and mutual trust.


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