Big Data & Analytics e Business Intelligence: the increasing amount of data (Big Data) generated by different sources, pushes companies and organizations to be equipped with instruments to manage and analyze large volumes of structured and unstructured data.

At first it was called Business Information and it was a quasi-static approach to data management business, then under the name of Business Intelligence, using simulations along with predictive analysis. Today companies use advanced tools and business analytics platforms, to manage structured and unstructured data from heterogeneous sources.

The increase in information sources and the growing amount of data (Big Data), from enterprise applications, web and social, the spreading of mobile devices that generate traffic (SMS, MMS, App), the exponential growth of information from smart object connected to the network (Internet of Things), raise the need for companies to adopt platforms to manage Big Data and provide information to develop business relations.

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Big Data & Analytics

Adopting specific methodologies for Big Data & analytics and Business Intelligence to support decision-making processes of companies and public bodies, it takes on a strategic value and can allow to follow market trends, increasing the effectiveness and timeliness of decisions in decision-making, resulting in competitive advantages. For example, the prediction of probable future shipments resulting from the behavior of customers and users, based on real-time data, may anticipate sending materials to collection points (e-commerce).
Big Data, large aggregations of heterogeneous and rapidly changing data, require companies to develop new hardware and software tools, to handle them safely and to segment them appropriately, to obtain useful information for business development (Big Data Analytics & Business Intelligence).


Companies still use above all data from structured Data Base and within the organization, leaving aside external sources, such as web and social media. The technicians and experts of Gruppo SCAI support decision makers (IT managers, web and digital marketing, business manager, analysts) to take full advantage of the innovative potential of Big Data Analytics and Business Intelligence, also on data from web and social.
Gruppo SCAI helps companies to train people for managing information and designing the best organization, with the appropriate structure to get the maximum benefit from good communication and exchange of data. We have developed a methodological approach to Big Data projects that facilitates planning and development, allowing hi-value generation of the technology, with significant cost savings.
Our laboratory (Technology Lab), that we use to test innovative solutions, replicates available architectures to study impacts, define best practices and pre-sale activities.
We help companies to adopt a comprehensive and organic approach to Big Data, in all the areas: systems and architectures, data integration, data visualization, data science / development.



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OmniChannel Big Data Analytics platforms

24 November 2015

OmniChannel Big Data Analytics, Web application client oriented, MVC pattern, data binding framework: multi-channel digital customer-oriented
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Big Data & Analytics, to transform data into information

12 June 2015

How to deal with the very current topic of Big Data with a methodological and structured approach?


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