Network Monitoring – Ne.Mo., new release

Ne.Mo. Network Monitoring carries out the monitoring of the performance of any IP network. New release! We are proud to announce the first free version!
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Digitization in Poland, guidelines 2016-2020

Dematerializzation, e-government, networking & tlc, cybersecurity, banking system: offering of SCAI Polska - Gruppo SCAI

OmniChannel Big Data Analytics platforms

OmniChannel Big Data Analytics, Web application client oriented, MVC pattern, data binding framework: multi-channel digital customer-oriented

Cyber Security Workshop in Warsaw

SCAI Polska at a Cyber Security Workshop in Warsaw about data security, electronic payments, online communication.

Document Management Workshop in Warsaw

An opportunity to explore document management systems (DMS), electronic documents (e-Doc), dematerialisation of document flows

SCAI Polska at TRAKO 2015 International Railway Fair

SCAI Polska participated accompanying Italian companies that will provide componets of the new DART train of PESA

Software development Microsoft .Net platform

Gruppo SCAI organizes courses for young .Net programmers to be included in working groups in digital innnovation development projects

Dojo Events: areas for sharing ideas

To enhance and facilitate the sharing of ideas, passions and solutions of technologies, methodologies, business between talents for better cooperation
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Software development projects: Agile Methodologies and Practices

Software development: in a changing scenario, a development group needs a more responsive and adaptable model. Scrum, Kanban, TDD ..

SCAI Capital on the rooftop of the Alps: Mont Blanc

SCAI Capital on top of the Alps: Mont Blanc at 4810 m. A prestigious destination is conquered step by step with effort, perseverance and sacrifice. With the same commitment and the same tenacity we face new challenges every day to achieve, together with our customers, the most ambitious goals.
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